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Balancing the chakras - Ajna  (third eye centre)

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Balancing the chakras - Ajna (third eye centre)

5 mins

Welcome to this session with Annie, based on the Ajna Chakra.

This is the sixth session of a seven part series created by Annie and the Dru Team, aimed at revealing a few of the secrets of the seven energy centres that exist within all of us.
In today's session, Annie will utilise the Sphynx posture as an aid to stimulating and awakening the energy of the  'third eye' along with a mudra known as the Sambhavi mudra.

Note: Although the word 'mudra' usually indicates a hand gesture,  in this case, it denotes a gesture of the eyes.

The aim of this session - based on creating a focus in the forehead, is to draw our awareness to our state of mind. Annie invites you visualise a waterfall cascading down your body from the mind, cleansing and purifying you thoughts.

Today's class is dedicated to creating a calm, clear mind, clearing away stuck thoughts that are clouding your goals and dreams, and making space for new, bright thoughts to re-invigorate your way forward.
Annie completes this class with a relaxing moment in the Child pose.

Further information about the Ajna Chakra:

Ajna Chakra – Third Eye

    •    Ajna – to perceive, to command
    •    Affirmation: I see
    •    Colour: indigo
    •    Sound: Om
    •    Nature element: Light
    •    Mudra: Kalesvara Mudra
    •    Located between the brows above the bridge of the nose
    •    Described as transparent lotus flower with two white petals
    •    Energy of the chakra allows clear thought as well as spiritual contemplation and        self -reflection when in balance.
    •    Organs/Glands: Brain, ears, eyes, pituitary & pineal glad
Characteristics associated with
    •    Vision
    •    Intuition
    •    Perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy
    •    Connects to wisdom and insight
    •    Motivates inspiration and creativity
    •    Increase intuition & mental clarity
    •    Stability of Moods
    •    Releasing of childhood trauma, dissolves fear
    •    Peaceful dreams & restful sleep
    •    Forgiveness & letting go of resentment
    •    Very intuitive
    •    Great memory
    •    Learn without a problem
    •    Feeling stuck in daily routine without being able to look beyond the situation
    •    Not being able to see the bigger picture
    •    Lack of clarity
    •    Overactive
    •    may manifest as fantasies that appear more real than reality
    •    Stress with frequent headaches located in forehead or temples
    •    Judgemental unsympathetic or over-thinking
    •    Not being able to establish a vision for oneself and realise it
    •    Underactive
    •    Difficutly understanding the spiritual aspects of the world and the connection between your inner and outer reality.
    •    Lack of empathy
    •    Lack of common sense or intuition
    •    Poor memory or learning
    •    Physical Symptoms of Imbalance
    •    Problems with vision
    •    Headaches, migraines, dizziness
    •    Mental confusion
    •    Nausea, sinus problems, earaches, hormonal imbalance & equilibrium problems


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Members' comments:

7 Jan, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
Lovely visualisation and mudra in Sphinx - thanks Annie!
16 Mar, 2017
NikkiM's picture
Thank you Annie.I am now ready to tackle a work problem with a clear mind!


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