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Balancing the chakras - Anahata (heart centre)

2 mins

Join Annie as she takes you through this class focusing on the Anahata Chakra

In Sanskrit Anahata means ‘unstruck sound’, and by attuning to the heart, you can discover the beautiful quality of silence within.


This short session guides you into the Chair of the Heart posture or Utkatasana. The benefits of this movement include opening up the heart area, creating space in the chest and lungs. It also stretches out the calf muscles and tones the thighs. The main focus, however remains on the 'heart pump' - the compression and release of the chest cavity - which is what brings a  sense of spaciousness, lightness, joy and freedom.


The qualities of the heart centre are often said to be love, kindness and an understanding of others. When you consciously activate the heart chakra it also nurtures the beautiful quality of compassion, both for yourself and towards others. All too often we give so much to others wanting to be selfless... but, please remember, that to keep giving - we must look after ourselves too! Eat well, sleep well, walk, do activities that nurture you and keep your yoga or meditation practice strong. These are the times where you "top up" your internal energy so you are healthy and energised in everything you do.


Enjoy this great practice!





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Members' comments:

5 Jan, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
Short and sweet - thanks Annie!
10 Feb, 2018's picture
Beautiful reminder, Annie. Thank you, Annie.
4 Jan, 2017
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Excellent timing. I've just drafted the last bit of my chakra assignment so it was great to check this against my draft. Thank u Annie x


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