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Balancing the chakras - Hrit chakra (the sacred heart centre)

30 mins

Join Annie as she takes you through this class focusing on the Hrit chakra.

The Hrit chakra is said to be the seat of intuition and sits within the Anahata chakra (the heart centre) and is also known as the sacred heart. It is powerful and essential to all seven main chakras.
In this session you will activate the Hrit chakra and open your awareness to hear the guidance of the universe or your 'inner teacher. This sequence will help strengthen your inner voice and, by focusing on the Hrit chakra, will bring you a sense of joy and wellbeing, returning you to a place of stillness…. an inner sanctuary.


There are three stages to this salutation:

  • Warm Up
  • Salutation to the Hrit Chakra
  • Meditation

The warm up will help you loosen up and release any tensions from the day. This will help you to connect and open the Hrit chakra.

The Hrit chakra has eight petals or powers within your body and the salutation to the Hrit chakra will awaken those powers. You will be using the Eagle mudra, the mudra of Empowerment as well as a mudra called 'the Eye of Wisdom'.

Note: Mudras are ancient hand gestures that are designed to focus mental, energy and elevate consciousness when held.

It is also said that within this chakra sits the Wish-fulfilling Tree, the Sankalpa tree. Below this tree is the seat of the 'inner teacher'. This beautiful meditation will guide you to your still-point within and to your wish-fulfilling tree where will find a sense of clarity and understanding.

The aim of this session is open the doorways into a heightened consciousness. By standing on a higher plateau, see your life unfold, become less attached and gain greater clarity of purpose.

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Members' comments:

12 Jun, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you fore this wisdom, calming my mind and bringing joy
26 May, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Awesome Annie, that's my new name for you. A wonderful sequence,perfect for the end of this week. Our youngest son left to work away for the summer months. I have really felt it, not becasue he's the last, but since starting my journey with Dru Yoga on line classes I know where emotion shows up in my body. They are not stuck anymore. Before he left I had completed The chakra challenge, practiced Yoga Nidra, stated my Sankalpa. The afternoon he left a Duck sat on my roof. I know all of our noticings are personal and unique but Dru Online studio classes have enhanced my well being it has helped me so much with grief. My sister says there is divine significance with Ducks overhead. Thanks for enlightening me about Hrit Chachra the imagery of a wish-fulling tree so majestic. Tomorrow I complete the 10 minute meditation challenge in the morning I will log back on late afternoon/ evening and look forward to repeating this sequence or maybe explore another its all up for grabs!
5 May, 2021
HilarySymmans's picture
Thank you Annie, beautiful, just what I need at the moment
24 Oct, 2020
Jaybee14's picture
Thankyou. My first attempt at this meditation, found it very powerful and moving.
3 Oct, 2020
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Thank u. A really powerful meditation today that let the tears flow & the heart fill Ever grateful thanks for guiding me
8 Jul, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Annie for a wonderful session. I found the meditation very profound bringing in a sense of deep love within. Namaste.
3 Jul, 2020
Jane Boyd's picture
Jane Boyd
This is the most lovely class - thank you. My question is the same as the previous comment - about doing the tree on one side only? Jane
27 Feb, 2020's picture
This was amazing, Annie. May I ask a question? Why do we only do the tree on the right side? Thank you!
28 May, 2019
MartinR's picture
Thanks Annie for such a blissful class, certainly feel lighter, more connected to my inner self and full of joy. Perfect
4 Jan, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
Such an amazing class. The meditation was wonderful – a gift in itself! Thank you Annie, this is one my favourites!
21 Jun, 2018
Donna Davies's picture
Donna Davies
To say this is an Amazing class doesn't even come close! Thank you so much Annie for sharing such a beautiful class.
3 Jan, 2018
Jo's picture
This was the most beautiful meditation dear Annie, so powerful and such a gift. Thank you xx
4 Dec, 2017
Leila-yoga's picture
Very powerful and impactful meditation. Thank you Annie.
7 May, 2017
leansyoga's picture
Wonderfull....thank you Annie
2 May, 2017
Sabca's picture
Thank you Annie, that was wonderful! :-) xx
16 Apr, 2017
willemijn's picture
mooie sequentie. vroeg me af waarom de boom slechts aan 1 kant wordt uitgevoerd?
19 Mar, 2017
Malena's picture
Wonderful. So gentle and deep. I feel light, grounded and at peace. Thank you.
8 Feb, 2017
NikkiM's picture
That was a lovely gentle practice..helping me to slow down and listen! Thank you.
3 Feb, 2017
NikkiM's picture
just what I needed today, thank you.:o)
31 Jan, 2017's picture
Annie. What a treat! Thank you. Daily hrit routine. Gives me inner balance. Waauuw.


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