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Balancing the Chakras - Muladhara (base centre)

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Balancing the Chakras - Muladhara (base centre)

5 mins

Join Annie as she takes you through a simple series of movements which are aimed at creating a sense of connectedness with the Earth.

Here at Dru, we encourage you practise moving gracefully with your yoga as well as supporting you in creating a subtle change of flow and grace in the way we think too. In this short session, Annie teaches a simple posture, yet, by applying intension and attention, we can amplify the benefits we receive from this movement. 


Annie's class includes the following:

  • forward bend and simple squat
  • extended squat
  • dynamic extended squat
  • standing meditation

If you find lowering down into the squat uncomfortable or difficult to begin with - especially if you have knee problems, simply adapt by taking the feet to shoulder width apart and turning the toes to point outward a little. Bend your knees slightly and then gently move from side to side into a side lunge. The main focus is on opening up the base of the spine and the muladhara chakra.


Top tips to accompany this session:

  • Allow your mental focus to be on the base of the spine at the coccyx. This is where the base chakra, the muladhara is said to reside.
  • Ask yourself, "What is it that i feel worried about? Finances, career, family, relationships?" Enter this movement with an attitude that with every breath you take, you make space inside yourself for the energy of certainty and courage to rise. 

Repeat this short sequence as often as you like, incorporating the breath and positive intention, and just feel how much of a difference this makes!



base centre - blog by Annie Jones


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Members' comments:

18 Sep, 2020
jennyclare's picture
thank you, a great start to my day :)
18 Sep, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Jenny Yes what a start to our day to bring our power centres into alignment. When we start our day well then everything flows so much more smoothly. Padma
21 Jun, 2019
kathdru68's picture
Thank you Annie, great short practice for me to balance my root chakra.
13 Jul, 2017
CharlotteJackson1976's picture
Great simple exercise for fast grounding...being Vata this is a very useful tool. Thanks Annie
24 May, 2017
Nicky's picture
Thanks Annie really enjoyed the session will definitely be using it again and again:-)
11 Apr, 2017
Mona Fairholme's picture
Mona Fairholme
Thanks Annie, Lovely short focused sequence
22 Dec, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Kathrine - sorry about the mis-labelling! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :-)
22 Dec, 2016's picture
This session is actually only 5 mins though it says 15 mins on the label! Very good but would have liked a bit more!


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