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Balancing the Earth Element

65 mins

Feel nourished and nurtured with this centring and calming class with Annie.

Balance your connection with the earth element through EBR 1, the Earth Sequence and the Maltese Cross. Find out about the energy centre, or chakra, relating to the earth through relaxation and meditation. Tune into nature and calm the body and the mind.

Explore the earth element in your yoga practice through the sequences and postures designed to balance the lower part of the body, which correlate to our connection with the earth around us. Learn an ancient Indian mudra sequence to honour the earth and then relax into EBR 1.

Tune into nature and the rhythm of the planet through the Earth Sequence (Prithvi Namaskara) before settling into a great yoga posture; the Maltese Cross (Shava Udarakarshanasana). Find out about the energy centre relating to the earth through the Earth Meditation.


Yoga class contents


Get moving, mobilise your spine and feel energised - includes shaking, tapping, scooping movements and figure 8s.

Earth Sequence (Prithvi Namaskara)

Salutation to the Earth is a real stress buster! This gentle flowing movement allows you to tune into the Earth's hearbeat. Reconnect with the Earth as you activate the mooladhara chakra helping to transform fear and resistance into hope and joy.

Energy Block Release 1 (EBR1)

A gentle yoga sequence that clears stress, relieves neck, shoulder and back tension and emotional blocks. The result? A calm clear mind and relaxed body - who doesn't want some of that!

Earth Meditation (Prithvi Dharanam)

This guided meditation balances the energies at the base of the spine, de-stressing, calming and grounding you - bringing stillness. You will feel as steady as a rock.

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Members' comments:

11 Mar, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for this calming and beautiful session.
25 Feb, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for creating this session. The tapping activations are a joy and the EBR beautiful. The meditation is so grounding.
1 Feb, 2022
JuliaS's picture
Thank you Annie. Loved the class. Loved the meditation.
20 Oct, 2020
Susan Martin's picture
Susan Martin
Thank you for this beautiful class. Really good in these challenging times to be reminded that there is still so much for us to enjoy and be appreciative of.
24 Jun, 2020
Raisinloaf's picture
Beautiful class -really grounded and restored me - thank you Annie!
30 Mar, 2020
KathyField's picture
Thank you for the really grounding and nurturing class - it was the perfect revision of our recent DYTT weekend 5 which still went ahead on Zoom this past weekend! Thanks so much Annie
27 Sep, 2019
Allison Grant's picture
Allison Grant
Perfect Annie thank you . On this beautiful autumn morning in Aberdeenshire this class has given me that grounded ness and connection I needed!
9 Feb, 2019
Janemorris101's picture
Thank you Annie that was beautiful,. Ticked off lots of things on my DYTT homework sheet as a bonus!
23 Oct, 2018
cat's picture
Dear Annie thank you that was totally beautiful and mostly doable with my broken knee at rehab stage so it also gave me confidence to pick up my own personal practice and dedicate myself again and to be more experimental with my capabilities Finishing on earth meditation was perfect and feel total earth connection and grounded Love Cat x
9 Jul, 2018
Conny van Iperen's picture
Conny van Iperen
Beautifull class!
22 Jun, 2017
Flora palou's picture
Flora palou
A beautiful class! Thank you Annie! I feel a great sense of peace and calmness. The meditation is very powerful too
23 Feb, 2017
Kate Longden's picture
Kate Longden
Beautiful, as the snow gently fall outside, just what is needed to help create calmness out of chaos. Thank you Annie x
13 Oct, 2016's picture
Hi, love this class but had a question about the maltese cross and the fact that there are no body preps done prior. So, is the ebr1 enough? also there is a relaxation part to this class mentioned & pictured in the description but does not happen. Is it somewhere else? with thanks Robyn
24 Sep, 2016
VIRGINIA's picture
Annie, thank you so much, it is absolutely beautiful and you are a real source of inspiration :)
22 Aug, 2016
JosephineP's picture
Oh how lovely. Thankyou so mutch. I am so grateful. Love to you all.
29 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
I feel totally grounded and centered, refreshed and renewed. Thank you Annie, I loved the meditation too.xx
3 Sep, 2014
gemma's picture
absolutely love this class! felt calm and grounded for at least three days. thankyou x
30 May, 2013
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Annie, it was great to reconnect with you online. Thanks for a wonderful class I feel so nurtured and grounded - feeling good!
5 Apr, 2013
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Blissfully nurturing, Annie! Thank you.
3 Mar, 2013
Pauline Hall's picture
Pauline Hall
Thank you Annie that was really beautiful.Bless you.
14 Jan, 2013
kath's picture
i love this sequence
18 Nov, 2012
Margot@centrumdezicht .nl's picture
Thank you for an informative and nurturing class Annie, loved the Earth meditation especially after I had just spent the day in the Australian high country :)
15 Nov, 2012
Pamela Creed's picture
Pamela Creed
Beautifully chilled after that. Thankyou.
6 Nov, 2012
kath's picture
another beautiful sequence, very relaxing.
5 Nov, 2012
bm55's picture
Thank you for an amazing connecting and rejuvenating session. I thoroughly enjoyed this session, especially the grounding breathing sequence. In gratitude.
5 Nov, 2012
kimosborne's picture
Great class, thank you Annie from Sydney, Australia....
1 Nov, 2012
AnouschkaDack's picture
Such a calming and relaxing class! Thank you Annie.
1 Nov, 2012's picture
Just what I needed today ! Such a powerful and immediate result, relaxing and uplifting. Very much like the earth salutation with EBR1, with the mudra's. Thank you Annie.


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