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Bhramari breath

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Bhramari breath

10 mins

Welcome to Bhramari breath with Dru Yoga course trainer Nanna Coppens.

Today we dive a little deeper into one of the ancient paths of yoga called Pranayama. This is the study of the power, practice and potential of the breath. There really is so much more to understand about the breath other than just breathing to stay alive!

Learning to breathe in more targeted and conscious ways can radically change how we feel. It can, with constant practice, even help alleviate many diseases, especially those related to how our nervous system operates.

The translation of Bhramari is the ‘humming bee’ breath. The gentle humming sound we make as we do this technique activates the vagus nerve, which is connected to our digestive organs, heart, lungs and nerves. This creates a relaxation response throughout the body and mind. 

Have you ever noticed that we hum when we feel happy? Humming brings back that lightness of heart we remember as children.

This session includes:

  • An introduction to Bhramari breath.
  • Repeating the technique with a change of focus. We start with the awareness at the heart, then move up into the head.
  • Introducing the Bhramari breath with the yoni mudra. 

The Yoni Mudra

The Yoni Mudra is a powerful aid to blocking out extraneous sounds from your environment. It therefore can create an even deeper internal sense of peace, especially when combined with the Humming-bee breath.

Adopt the yoni mudra by placing the thumbs of both hands gently in/ on your ears. Use the index and second finder to close and cover the eyes. The ring fingers then touch the outer edge of the nostrils and finally the little finger rests at the corners of the mouth. Draw your awareness inwards without the distraction of the sense organs.


Benefits of the Bhramari breath:

  • Bhramari alleviates stress and cerebral tension. 
  • It helps with insomnia and relieves high blood pressure. 
  • It activates the immune response so can help speed up recovery after illness.
  • It is excellent for diffusing negative emotions, especially anger, frustration and anxiety. 
  • It helps bring serenity and peace of mind.
  • Regular practise of this breathing technique will refine your sense of hearing
  • It can also bring a greater awareness of psychic sounds that resonate in the body


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Members' comments:

7 Sep, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
I have added to my favourites Nanna. I will practice this and the Pigeon Breath. You explained the benefits for my mind I often stand and listen to the bees in the garden so instantly my humming sound was comforting. Thanks
20 May, 2023's picture
I love this simple but effective breathing exercise. Beautifully explained thank you Nanna xx
12 Feb, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Thank you. The different options building up to the one with the Mudra is great. It is good to learn the benefits too.
27 Aug, 2018
Gemunique's picture
Really felt a difference. Will try it every day. Thanks
4 Jul, 2018
Jane219's picture
Wow, how amazing. Thanks Nanna x
27 Jun, 2018
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Nanna for taking us through this wonderful practice. It is a beautiful breath so calming.
24 Jun, 2018
Neesey55's picture
Thank you Nanna for this lovely breath. I will practise this often x
22 Jun, 2018's picture
Thank you Nana. Simple, beautiful and powerful. Perfect to clear the mind. X
21 Jun, 2018
sardegna201215's picture
Beautiful, simple, powerful...I am left feeling good and with more clarity! Thank you Nanna x
19 Jun, 2018
Dmuntz's picture
What a beautiful simple practice. I’m recovering from surgery and limited in my movement so this came at the right time. Thank you :)
18 Jun, 2018
Jane O'Halloran's picture
Jane O'Halloran
Beautiful class Nanna. Short, simple and very powerful. Thank you! x


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