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Bhumi Flow 2

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Bhumi Flow II

53 mins

In the class Bhumi Flow, we learnt a new sequence dedicated to Mother Earth which helps us to attune to the paradoxes of strength and fragility. The perfect balance of nature to create and give life. As we become more attuned to her rhythms and cycles so we too can find our balance and equanimity.

In Bhumi Flow 2 we add a few variations, that although look simple, can add a whole new dimension and power to the sequence. 

We draw on the symbology of the tree pose (vrksasana) as well as the bhima pose and other movements that help us to establish our deep connection and reverence for the planet we live upon.

Use this sequence to establish your inner alignment and beauty as you attune to Mother Earth. Allow yourself to remain balanced and poised in the very centre of who you are.

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Members' comments:

9 Oct, 2021
amazing yogini's picture
amazing yogini
Beautiful sequence. looking forward to teaching it to my class. Thank you Anouschka
6 Oct, 2021
namaste27-janjan's picture
Thank you Anoushka a beautiful sequence,felt energized and then connected, then very relaxed after the Yoga Nidra. MI
6 Oct, 2021
CMiller's picture
This is my favourite flow EVER - I absolutely love it x thank you so much
4 Oct, 2021
amytaylor7's picture
Beautiful sequence and a wonderful nurturing relaxation . Feel like I've really been spoilt ! Thank you Anouschka !!
1 Oct, 2021
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
Thank you Anouschka,doing the two Bhumi Flow videos has been a wonderful start to a day off!
1 Oct, 2021
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Absolutely beautiful, I look forward to teaching this to my class. A wonderful relaxation to offer them also. Thank you Anouschka. x
30 Sep, 2021
Stanley's picture
Aw this is so beautiful, graceful and earthing . I love it . Thank you x


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