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boost immunity with ayurveda

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Boost immunity with Ayurveda

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Jane Saraswati Clapham
79 mins

Filmed at our Dru Centre in Snowdonia during the first 2020 lockdown, this replay of our live masterclass gives a wonderful introduction to how Ayurveda can help boost your immune system and bring you amazing health and vitality.

Now, more than ever before, we're thinking of our health. We're all asking ourselves, how can I have the strongest possible immune system? How can I have the strongest vitality?

Ayurveda has studied the topic of boosting the immune system and increasing vitality for thousands of years. It's possibly one of the longest-running experiments in history!

In this session, Annie will be introducing both a practical and spiritual approach to healing and strengthening your mind/body/soul connection. As we know, we do not exist on just one level, but on many - physical, breath, emotions, intellect and soul force.  We will start with a calming meditation to balance all the elements and introduce one of the most powerful mantras to help health and wellbeing. 

From here we explore some of the key factors to maintaining good health. Annie will share simple and short movement practices you can use daily to boost your digestive fire and keep you energised. Relaxation is also key to keeping the immune system and digestive fire happy. Annie will also share her 8 point health plan with lots of practical ways to help keep you healthy and happy! 

Be ready to be nurtured, relaxed and nourished from the inside out and have some practical ways to help stay healthy and calm.

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