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Boosting energy levels - Anouschka

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Boosting Energy Levels

5 mins

Following on from 'What is Energy?', Anouschka shares her 7 top tips to boosting your energy levels.

Without giving too much away, Anouschka explains how making some changes to the following can boost our energy.

  1. Supplements - what vitamins & minerals are you taking to nourish your body
  2. Sleep - are you getting the right amount?
  3. Food - healthy organic food v processed food
  4. Exercise - how it creates more energy
  5. Showers - too hot a shower can drain you!
  6. Water - hydration!!
  7. Nature - get out into nature and connect to the energy around you
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2 Nov, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thanks This is good to
30 Dec, 2020
Christine Headland's picture
Christine Headland
great practical advice thank you


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