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Call back Your Power

22 mins

We invest our energy and power in events, people, things and places - now is the time to call it back! 

This is session is a seemingly simple 20 min session containing so many rare gems that you will love watching this class over and over as you quite literally draw back your displaced power and energy from time, space and people.


Did you give your Power away?

If ever you feel tired, drained or exhausted it’s worth considering - did you give your power away? Energy is such a subtle thing. It’s like we have a re-chargable battery with a daily allowance and if we don’t burn it out too often we can easily stay energised and healthy. However it’s all too easy for us to ‘burn the candle at both ends’ by physically not looking after our health or possibly worse disempowering ourselves at a mental and emotional level. 

Energy depletion, as you would expect, is experienced as tiredness, lethargy or depression - but it doesn’t have to be that way! In the vast majority of cases we can reclaim the power and energy we’ve scattered in the form of attachments to people, places and things and re-call that power into this present moment.

This class will help you do just that!


Class includes:

  • Activation
  • Energy Block Release 5 variation to help us consciously clear the energy system - letting go of the past, anxiety and stress. This version includes the Sword of Discrimination which is a very powerful technique for helping your cut attachments to anything that's not longer helping or serving you.
  • Tree of Transformation - consciously call back your power into the present moment with this powerful Dru Yoga sequence. 
  • Mudra sequence of Empowerment - now you've let go of many of the unhelpful things re-charge and energise yourself with this potent mudra sequence.




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Members' comments:


17 Sep, 2019
cat's picture
Feel totally energised and empowered - magical - and inspired to teach EBR5 tonight x
9 Sep, 2019
MartinR's picture
Thank you Annie, gosh that’s magic.. I feel really positive and settled within my self... the fog has lifted. Blessings to that Portugal sunshine.
20 Jul, 2019
Marja Reijnders's picture
Marja Reijnders
Very nice class! THX
20 Jul, 2019
Marja Reijnders's picture
Marja Reijnders
very nice class! THX

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