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Chair yoga  - relaxation

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Chair yoga - Relaxation

12 mins

Allow yourself enjoy the many benefits of the savasana pose from a seated position in this short session with Mo.

Start this relaxation with the seated form of the Breath of Arjuna - inhaling deeply to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Then sit back in your chair and allow Mo to guide you gently through this wonderful calming relaxation. 

Consciously give yourself total permission to let go.

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Members' comments:

10 Oct, 2022
MoniqueH's picture
Very nice and very relaxing. beautiful done. love Monique
1 Sep, 2022
Mary Comino's picture
Mary Comino
I love this series - I hope there's more chair yoga to come. Excellent teaching Mo!
28 Mar, 2022
Cécile1965's picture
My frist chair lesson, in the hospital of Almelo.Holland. Thank you Mo, for your inspiration. Warm greetings Cécile Ruys
17 Jan, 2021
Jo's picture
Thank you Mo, Mother and I are so enjoying your classes together, love Wendy and Jo xx
2 Sep, 2020
SueC's picture
This relaxation is super Mo....... I do it lying down. It quickly gets to the stillness point. If anything I wish the stillness point was for a bit longer. Your voice is fabulous, and so soothing.
10 Jan, 2020
MassageLady's picture
Thank you Mo. Such a lovely feeling after doing this relaxation. Thanks again Carole
15 Aug, 2019
Carmenp's picture
Thank you Mo, so relaxing, I just took a quick break to do this class and feel so much better after.
11 Oct, 2018
SylviaC's picture
Thanks Mo, I really enjoyed doing this relaxation!
19 Sep, 2018
Jayne Micallef's picture
Jayne Micallef
Thank you for this Mo.. could you remind me what music you are using? perhaps share a link where we can purchase this? With gratitude Jayne x


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