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Chakra Flow

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Chakra Flow

47 mins

This strong class stretches, nourishes and tones the whole body from top to toe! It's perfect when you're looking for a simple class to build into a great posture based flow - and of course - a nurturing relaxation at the end.

This particular class focuses on the energetics of the chakras, using specific poses to awaken and align, leaving you feeling balanced, stretched, toned and ready to get on with the rest of your day!

Activate the earth energy with the Goddess pose - a variation of the squat, before we draw energy upward to the heart in the bridge pose. The shoulder stand focuses our awareness at the throat, nourishing the thyroid and then aligning the 3rd eye centre and crown. We complete the class with the boat pose - a strong work out for the core and back. Then it's time for you to let go and relax with a short guided relaxation. 


Watch Chakra Flow class demo:

Class demonstrated by Dru Yoga Teacher - Ayla Wylde

Part 1 - floor stretches
From a lying position, stretch out with a series of short floor moves to mobilise the spine and the main muscle groups.

  • cycle legs

  • lying twist

  • spiral twist


Part 2 - balance
From the child pose explore these variations on the squat

  • Simple Squat
Balancing on the toes with standing forward bend as a counter pose. Place your hands on your knees if you are unable to reach the floor.

  • Extended Squat  
Simple squat with side extension and twist to open the pelvis by stretching the adductor muscles.

  • Goddess Squat
Bringing the heels to touch creating the butterfly stretch to open the lower centres to the earth energy, with practice this you brings balance and stability.

To develop this pose, bring the elbows onto the inside of your knees, palms on the floor. If you are familiar with the Crow - you can practice this here.

Part 3 - inversions
In this section we focus on two inversions; the Bridge (Setubandhasana) and the shoulder stand. Please ensure you have a think blanket under your shoulders for the shoulder stand to ensure the neck is safe and comfortable (see the video for exact placement).

The Bridge is a gentle inversion which encourages segmental mobility through the spine. It's perfect for getting your energy moving upwards to the heart area and with the alternate leg extension it becomes a stronger pose - tones the glutes and core as well as stretching out the thighs. 

If you feel comfortable you can then lift up into shoulder stand from the bridge pose. Please ensure your neck feels comfortable. The shoulder stand activates the thyroid and brings a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. It is a powerful way to bring awareness to the 3rd eye and crown centres.

Part 4 - core strength
The boat pose is a fantastic mix of core strength, balance and muscle toning. Practice this regularly to develop your abdominal muscles.

  • Stage one - raise the feet and hold knees at 90 degrees, calves parallel to the floor. Use your hands to help you stay balanced.

  • Stage two - as above, then lift the hands off the floor. Focus on balancing.

  • Stage three - as above, now straighten and extend your legs. You may need to lean back slightly to find your point of balance.

Relaxation (15 minutes)
Deeply relax and let go as you nurture your body and mind in this simple, yet profound guided relaxation. Use a blanket to keep warm and a cushion under your knees to ease any tension from the lower back. 




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Members' comments:

17 Feb, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
A wonderful class - and challenging. Improving my concentration. The relaxation was very nourishing. xx
4 Apr, 2022
Rose Ann Smith's picture
Rose Ann Smith
I love this sequence. A bit of a challenge in parts too which isn't a bad thing. I like the combination of postures and opportunities to modify throughout. Love the music too. Can you tell me what it is? I have heard it in the background in a few Dru studio classes and always enjoy the atmospheric nature of it. Thank you. x
20 Feb, 2020's picture
I love this class, inspirational and love the stages to work through thank you
24 Dec, 2019's picture
Lovely sequence to do on Christmas Eve. Beautiful flow thanks Anouschka. Thanks very much x
25 Oct, 2019
KateJones's picture
Just found this class, really loved it, just what I needed on a very rainy day to bring some light in. Thanks.
12 Nov, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hiya - thanks for your comments about this class. I so love playing and working with the postures to find a natural flow and grace. If you haven't seen the other classes in this series check them out here:
22 Oct, 2020
PaulineDruB's picture
I really love this class. Thank you so much for all the great work!
27 Oct, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Really enjoyed this class strengthening but relaxing to the body and mind at the same time. xx
12 Feb, 2018
cat's picture
Dear Anouschka Wonderful for me getting my body back to health and definitely one I'll be taking to teach my students particularly when they don't want to do a stronger standing sequence after a long day at work. Thank you Cat x
10 Feb, 2018's picture
This is a beautiful sequence, Anouschka. I had missed your beautiful relaxations and sense of flow. Thank you!


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