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Chakra relaxation

33 mins

Harmonise and balance the energy body with this 30 minute guided relaxation. 

Use the power of visualisation to still and calm the physical body before soothing the energy body by working up through each energy centre in turn. Bathe the body with vibrant colours, qualities and affirmations to nurture and align each chakra.

Use this relaxation regularly to build up your chakra awareness and to create a sense of deep peace, calm and balance.

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Members' comments:

16 Aug, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Absolutely perfect after a busy day. Thank you so much. My cat joined me between my feet and is still on the blanket in a state of bliss.
14 Oct, 2021
BeachHut27L's picture
Thank you.....I've just done this relaxation just before going to bed. I feel calm and lighter. I did nod off part way through so next time I'll try to concentrate more and probably feel more of the benefit.
9 Sep, 2021
Jo's picture
Thank you Anoushka, a wonderful way to re align at the end of the day. Love to all xx
30 Mar, 2021
Heather Birch's picture
Heather Birch
Relaxing. Nurturing. Invigorating. Magical! Thank you.
28 Jan, 2021
Dinta Patel's picture
Dinta Patel
Thank you Anouschka, so beautiful, very calming and soothing, deeply relaxed.Touched all the energy centers. Again thank you. Namaste
3 Aug, 2020
nadiafrowd's picture
That was really nice. I am new to this so do find it difficult to visualise colours and movement of energies, but really enjoyed that. I will definitely try that again, already in my favourites :o) Any tips for visualisation?
4 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Nadia So happy you hear that you enjoyed Anouschka's beautiful guided relaxation. Some people don't find visualisation easy so don't worry about that at all. Find another way around it by engaging the other senses. Eg if trying to conjure up the colour green you might take yourself into a forest and smell the pine resin, or smell, or even taste, an orange instead of trying to 'see the colour' in your minds eye. You might have an item of clothing in just the right shade that you are trying to bering to mind, can you feel the texture of that clothing surrounding you? I find that silk scarfs are wonderful for this. Get creative and trust your own way and you can achieve all the same effects.
1 Jun, 2020
SylviaC's picture
Thanks Anouschka. I really enjoyed that. A rainbow of relaxation :)
9 Mar, 2020
Una Carter's picture
Una Carter
That was a beautiful and soothing relaxing meditation. Thank You for sharing that. I shall be revisiting this again xx, U
6 Jan, 2020
KathyField's picture
What a treat to have found the wonderfully visually vibrant yet soothing relaxation - perfect way to end my practice having struggled with back/hip issues which were getting me down. I feel so much more balanced now - thank you for sharing your beautiful gift! Kathy - DYTT student - Derby
23 Oct, 2019
Neesey55's picture
Beautiful! You have a lovely voice. Just listening to it relaxes me. One of my favorites.
21 Aug, 2019
Heather Birch's picture
Heather Birch
So relaxing and energising. I will definitely visit this regularly. Thank you Anouschka. Namaste
26 Apr, 2019
cat's picture
Just what I needed after 5 days of practicing Santosh Dru Dance ! Thank you Anoushka x
6 Dec, 2018
NickyH's picture
Thank you Anouschka - a beautiful relaxation - will be revisiting often xx
18 Oct, 2018
cat's picture
Total rebalance of my energy system - my lights were shining so brightly today - come back and back again to this and add to favourites and if you are a teacher - use it - students love it x
7 Oct, 2018
Elisabeth M's picture
Elisabeth M
Oh my goodness....thankyou Anouschka. Into my favourites - tick! I'm truly looking forward to taking my self into this day after doing this. All the best.
5 Oct, 2018
Alisonthornton18's picture
Wonderful relaxation, lovely way to start my day.
1 Aug, 2018
Raisinloaf's picture
Such a beautiful, balancing relaxation – very nourishing and nurturing. Thank you Anouschka.
24 Jun, 2018
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Beautiful. I feel all the energies balanced now ready for another day of walking. (midge bites itching so had to really discipline myself!!)
18 Jun, 2018
maddygray's picture
What a DIVINE relaxation! Thanks Anouschka!
11 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi - and thank you again for your comments on this relaxation. Here's an extra tip for you - If you feel you need to bring certain qualities into your life e.g. love and compassion - take a few moments to visualise a beautiful clear gem-like light in the corresponding area of your body. So for example - red for courage and strength in the lowest chakra. Warm set-set orange at the sacral centre to bring balance to your relationships with others and a sense of belonging or sky blue at the throat to support clear communication. You can use the colours at any time during your day - not just here in the relaxation :-)
9 May, 2018
cat's picture
Totally beautiful Will be using this for myself as well as my teaching from now on Thank you Anouschka
9 May, 2018
cat's picture
Totally beautiful thank you so much Use this for myself a few also my teaching from now on !
2 May, 2018
Dorothyfromyork's picture
Just beautiful - a wonderful start to my day - thank you
21 Apr, 2018
Jennikirkwood's picture
I do this relaxation on a weekly basis. I urge others to use it as your regular practice, it is has allowed me to balanced my energy using the Chakra system. A must for everyone. Thank you so much. Jx
10 Apr, 2018
Sandy's picture
I have just listened to this beautiful relaxation/meditation this morning. It is very calming and peaceful. You have such a beautifully soothing voice, Anouschka, thank you. I'm ready to get on with finishing my Meditation Assignment now!
7 Apr, 2018
claarbos's picture
beautiful meditation/relaxation! thank you Anouschka!
5 Mar, 2018's picture
oh what a lovely practive!! thank you!!!
28 Feb, 2018
LulaG's picture
Such a delicious relaxation. And it was a special delight to have you share it with us on the Algarve retreat last week Anoushka. Thank you. Precious ❤️
1 Feb, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi dearest friends. Thanks so much for your comments - my advice? Put this one on your 'favourites' list and come back to it regularly! The chakras are the gateway to accessing a universal power and unlimited energy - they are a little bit like a circuit breaker - allowing energy from the main electricity grid into your house. Visualising their colours helps us to tune in and align to their unique energy signature - bathing us in vibrant energy, peace and harmony.
1 Feb, 2018's picture
That has to be one of the most beautiful relaxations l have ever experienced. The soothing voice, the content, the pace, perfect. I feel wonderful, thankyou.
29 Jan, 2018
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Thank you! I was so tired today and did this beautiful relaxation mid afternoon. I then went on to write several invoices! I shall be coming back to this one.
27 Jan, 2018
CarolynBennett's picture
Just experienced this lovely relaxation for the first time, beautiful, thank you Anouschka, now in my favourites!
21 Sep, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Carly, not sure why it should be sticking for you - I've had a look through the class and not getting stuck at our end... I wonder if it might be your internet connection (which is a bit strange if its only on this video...) You can click 'play' and then 'pause' before you start which could help to buffer the video.
11 Sep, 2017's picture
Thank you. This relaxation is lovely. I also love the music, what track is this? This video does get stuck half way through, not sure if its my computer or a fault your end. This doesn't happen with the other videos I watch, so thought I should let you know. With gratitude xx
26 Jul, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone, thank you so much for your comments on this class. I must admit this is one of my favourite relaxations too. Its great to really help nurture body heart and mind. I suggest using this regularly to help you stay connected to your inner self and stay calm, focused and balanced in all that you do. Enjoy :-)
25 Jul, 2017
Neesey55's picture
Beautiful. I feel so peaceful. Anouska you have the most soothing voice. Thank you very much
24 Jul, 2017
Maggie's picture
Yes it has added to my life Anoushka......... thank you very much
8 Jul, 2017
Julia Miller's picture
Julia Miller
This is incredible. Thank you.
4 Jul, 2017
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Fantastic relaxation Anouschka. many thanks xx
31 May, 2017
Nicky's picture
Thank you so much Anouschka, this was very calming and relaxing just what I needed after a busy day.
26 May, 2017
Pippa's picture
Thank you Anoushka that was really relaxing just what I needed right now xx
7 May, 2017
NikkiM's picture
wow! that was wonderful..what a great start to the day..thank you.
6 May, 2017
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
A fantastic relaxation Anouschka. Many thanks.
4 May, 2017
Jennikirkwood's picture
Oh Anouschka that was simply beautiful and so powerful. I will be using this relaxation regularly as it brings great balance. Thank you so much for your beautiful and calming presence. What a gem of a relaxation! Jennix
4 May, 2017
ChrissyR's picture
Beautiful. Thank you Anoushka xx
3 May, 2017
Nell McN's picture
Nell McN
Soothing and gently reenergising- a wonderful way to be kind to ones self. A pleasure to listen to Anouschka's beautiful voice.


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