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Changing Habits

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Changing Habits

46 mins

Let go of habits that are holding you back and replace them with new, dynamic and empowering ones.

Join Andrew, as he takes you through a series of movements, combined with mental and emotional focus that will enable you to let go of any unwanted habits that may be tripping you up as you walk the road of life.

Emotions, negative thoughts and habits are often held in the physical body. To dissolve long term habits we must withdraw our energy and focus from that habit. One powerful technique is to combine movement and intention to transform and free energy blockages, and replace the old thought patterns with new and invigorated, fresh ways of thinking!

Get activated! Clap and move! Begin clapping from standing position and give yourself a round of applause for simply being you! Enjoy a series of flowing movements to loosen the whole body.

Energy Block Release 2 (Part 1):

Start focusing on specific muscle groups as we work through the simple, but profound movements of EBR2.

In this sequence, think of your spine being like a filing cabinet which stores packages of energy. This energy is a series of unconscious habits that are holding us back in life because they are restricted or blocked. Start to mobilise the spine, specifically freeing up and mobilising that 'stuck' energy.

What is an Energy Block Release?

Energy Block Release 5:
This sequence is excellent for helping us remove negative patterns of thought and replacing them with new empowering ones. 

We use visualisation to create a golden orb of light or 'prana shakti' (life energy) and use this light to clear the three lowest energy centres. This is where we tend to hold on to most of our trapped or 'blocked' emotions and fears. In this version of EBR 5, we focus specifically on this visualisation of purifying energy as we swing the arms back past the side of the body. This movement clears the energy pathways and the energy field on that side, before we repeat the process on the opposite side. (Dru Yoga graduates will notice a variation from the standard form).

Use the following positive affirmations to enhance the potency of this sequence:

  • The base centre - muladhara: 'I am courageousness itself. I am strong'
  • The sacral centre  - swadisthana: 'I am complete, I am full.'
  • The solar centre - manipura: 'I am empowered. I am able to achieve my goals. I make them become real.'

Golden Eagle sequence:
When starting to work with our habits, it's useful to begin with a few manageable ones, for instance - perhaps we watch too much TV at night. Choose a habit and decide to work with it today.

Discover the power of visualisation to empower this sequence by using the image of pure sunlight, or if you would like to enjoy practicing this breathing sequence at night, imagine the power of the moon entering through the palms of your hands.

Take the opportunity to fully connect to your body and to re-establish a new and empowered relationship with your thoughts and feelings in this simple, yet profound relaxation. Breathe in bright sunlight and let it breathe away any lingering shadows of self-doubt.

Practice this sequence regularly and within three weeks you'll begin to notice your old habits falling away and your new ones arriving. Good Luck!

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Members' comments:

27 Sep, 2022
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Thank you, Andrew! What a wonderful class for moving into Autumn with positivity and strength.
13 Apr, 2022
HeleneR's picture
Calming, warming and earthing. The language is so caring, like a door opening and being invited in somewhere beautiful, full of light and warmth. It has taken me 6 months to discover my power, to feel more connected, stronger, happier and relevant. Thank you so much.
1 Apr, 2022
Stephbrincat's picture
I am a beginner of Dru and recently since Covid my yoga and health has suffered. I am tryibgvto grt started again through online support and hopefully these links will boost my motivation health and well being.
18 Nov, 2021
michelleevans22's picture
I truly love this video. It covers all of what I love about DRU in 40 minutes! Thank you Andrew.
9 Nov, 2021
Linda Van Galen's picture
Linda Van Galen
Thank you Andrew from beautiful Tassie, So wonderfully powerful, to use the pranic energy in with those movements is awe inspiring. Looking forward to what transpires!
13 Oct, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Thank you Andrew.
11 Jan, 2021
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thank you Andrew for a wonderful class. I found it heart lifting and inspiring.
24 Aug, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Beautiful Beautiful sequence. Thank you Andrew. Love & Light
24 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Julia, Many thanks for your comments. So great to see Andrew in action, with this exquisite sequence. Padma
10 Apr, 2020
Carol Swindell's picture
Carol Swindell
A beautiful combination of sequences Andrew. Will most certainly try these powerful affirmations and movements again. Thank you.
15 Nov, 2019
Mickey Baliakas's picture
Mickey Baliakas
Thankyou Andrew, as we are coming in autumn over here, and finishing our long hard summer season, this class has been just perfect this week for me to teach.
7 Oct, 2019
Arjie Ramsay's picture
Arjie Ramsay
Really enjoyed this combination of sequences Andrew - the energy was palpable. Now just need to do it regularly as you suggest. Have saved to my Favourites. Thanks !
17 Aug, 2019
NikkiM's picture
lovely class, I'm positively shimmering! thank you Andrew
30 May, 2019
Markham28's picture
Fanastic thanks Andrew
28 May, 2019
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thank you Andrew for the most wonderful session.
25 May, 2019
Janemorris101's picture
Truly wonderful Andrew, just what I needed. I shall take your advice and practice the golden eagle on a regular basis and watch what unfolds! Namaste
27 Feb, 2019
minnie d's picture
minnie d
This class is wonderful; from the activations - which had me laughing out loud - through the movements, to the Golden Eagle which was really empowering. Loved it all, still smiling, thank you Andrew.
7 Jan, 2019
paulien170809's picture
Thank you so much Andrew, it touches me deaply into my heart
26 Sep, 2018's picture
Andrew, this class is a miracle! Thank you! X
19 Sep, 2018's picture
Love this class Andrew. So wonderful to be reminded we have everything we need within us already to facilitate change. And that we can access this power through these sequences to let go of the old and embrace the new! So empowering...wonderful, thank you x
11 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
A wonderful class to support our personal growth and change. If you want to transform your life - do this class regular with a specific habit in mind and really use the tools Andrew shares. They work! Thank you Andrew!
3 May, 2018's picture
I loved this class. I found it at just the right time for me. It felt so powerful. It's one of my favourites now. Thank you.
2 May, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Repeated Andrews class today. I so love the Kosha language used and the power of the sequences and affirmations.
19 Apr, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Absolutely amazing.
20 Feb, 2018
Raisinloaf's picture
A beautiful class - really empowering and calming. Thank you Andrew.
20 Jan, 2018
AileenEmery's picture
Thank you Andrew. That was a masterful class and thoroughly enjoyable. The Golden Eagle in particular was very powerful & your wording made it very potent. I'll be doing this one again & again.
5 Jan, 2018
Jo's picture
Well this class is heading straight to my favourites, thank you Andrew , a flowing and beautiful class with an amazing energy xx
18 Oct, 2017
Camilla Nova's picture
Camilla Nova
It was brilliant, beautiful, powerful, eloquent, inspiring and definitely shifted the energy... loved it... shared it with my class, and we all felt the deep shifts ... big koala stamp for you Andrew !!
11 Oct, 2017's picture
Andrew this was very empowering. Thank you. I felt the surges of prana flowing through the whole of my body. I'll keep at this for a few weeks and see what evolves. Much love to you from Oz. xx
5 Oct, 2017
Amazing Claire's picture
Amazing Claire
I love all your classes Andrew for their simplicity and ease of flow. Your classes make me feel like I CAN achieve! Thank you.
5 Oct, 2017
JosephineP's picture
Thank you Andrew. so lovely...Thank you.
4 Oct, 2017
Balbir Mann's picture
Balbir Mann
Thank you Andrew for this beautiful class
3 Oct, 2017
NickyH's picture
Thank you Andrew so much for this wonderful class - the powerful golden eagle - just beautiful.


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