Charity Pose

Louise Rowan

Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

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Charity Pose

17 mins

 Parsvottanasana  - The Charity Pose 
This session includes the following:

  • a brief synopsis of the benefits 
  • intro to the body preps:
  1. forearm flexor stretch
  2. pectoralis stretch
  3. hamstring stretch
  • how to use a demonstrator whilst teaching an asana, high-lighting posture, modifications, alignment points, breath awareness and kosha awareness.
  • short silent demonstration only 
  • modifications on the arm hold
  • a step-by-step guided programme 
  • reference to the koshas see the five layers of experience - the kosha model in your core lectures.

The physical benefits
Spine, hips, shoulders and wrists are flexed. Internal abdominal organs are massaged. There is an increased blood flow to the head.

The mental and emotional benefits
Opening of the chest cavity is followed by a contraction, as the body is lowered. This causes trapped energy to be released and gives a rise in general energy levels.

The energetic benefits
As above - with the backward and forward motion of the spine and the lowering of the body, energy along the spine is released - stimulating movement of energy from the lower chakras and allows energy to rise up to the head. A sense of well-being is achieved.

New terms be aware of:

  • gluteus maximus, core stability, pectoralis, hamstrings, quadricepts, gastrocnemius and soleus (calf muscles).
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