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Aja Krystall

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Cultivating Stillness and Resilience

75 mins

Deeply relaxing and nurturing this class will also challenge you mentally and physically.

We often enjoy a mindful practice - but are we really training our mind to be present to enjoy the moment even when it's not totally comfortable for us?

The Dru style is often epitomised by graceful, flowing movements, sometimes energy focused, sometimes strong and dynamic. This means our mind can be beautifully absorbed in the movement, breath and energy awareness. In Dru, we usually also encourage a moment of silent reflection between poses as a way to connect and anchor ourselves. 

But what if we could cultivate the presence of mind to be 100% present in every moment of the class, and even our lives?

In this class Aja, gently guides us to explore and expand our practice to find those moments of connection and depth within the poses. How? By introducing us to the concept of Yin Yoga. By holding standing and restorative yoga poses for longer than might initially be comfortable with (especially for our mind) we are gently pushing beyond our comfort zone. In this way, we not only stretch the body but also cultivate our willpower and inner resilience.

In this class you will:

  • Learn the importance of stretching out the fascia
  • Discover strength and willpower you never knew you had
  • Confront your mind (which always wants to be anywhere but here)
  • Deeply relax and trust your body

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Members' comments:

24 Sep, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you again Aja. A beautiful energising and relaxing class. This is a class to visit time and time again. xx
16 Sep, 2023
raphkevdweide's picture
Thank you very much Aja. Such a beautiful class! I really feel totally energized and calm. Such an inspiration for my own yoga classes! And loving the combination of dru and yin.! Looking forward to more! Many thanks Raphaelle xxx
18 Apr, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you again Aja. Equanimity and love. A beautiful class. xx
10 Mar, 2023
Karen R's picture
Karen R
Thankyou I am really enjoying the yin aspect of yoga . looking forward to more x
15 Jan, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Aja for your beautiful language - you inspire me and teach me to find my still points and inner strength and calmness. xx
4 Dec, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Aja for a beautiful class. I feel strong and calm and found many still points during the class. Equanimity and love will be with me throughout today. xx
11 Jul, 2022
Julie Carnie's picture
Julie Carnie
Aja, absolutely loving all your classes just now, thank you x
23 Jun, 2022
shelton's picture
Thank you - whole body is beautifully at peace
4 Apr, 2022
Machteld's picture
Lovely class, Aja. I feel calm, I feel open. Thank you!
2 Apr, 2022
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Thank you Aja, that was an inspirational yoga session. I feel beautifully open and calmed and fully in the moment, ready to take on the day with equanimity and love. Namaste.
9 Mar, 2022
DruTangoQueen's picture
Fantastic class. I feel so calm, refreshed and, at least, five years younger!
25 Feb, 2022
Gavin's picture
Hi Aja, very much appreciated the equanimity, love and presence you brought to this class.
3 Feb, 2022
Jennikirkwood's picture
Thank you Aja. This is a beautiful class and is made so precious by your wisdom and presence. Thank you. Jx
29 Jan, 2022
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
What a wonderful class! Thank you so much Aja :)
5 Jan, 2022
Dorothyfromyork's picture
Thank you Aja...what a beautiful class...I loved it - and feel amazing - calm and invigorated at the same time. :D
21 Dec, 2021
Wilma Yule's picture
Wilma Yule
Loved this Aja ...I love Yin yoga with Dru..this took me into deep still points cultivating presence of mind and also created restorative feelings, Just what I need after teaching others. I have actually returned to this video for a few sessions and will be back again and again. You are a beautiful Yoga teacher look fwd to more of your teachings. Thank You.
7 Dec, 2021
warv's picture
Beautiful! I could not help but return the next day to this practice so calming, relaxing and invigorating.
7 Dec, 2021
Raisinloaf's picture
Absolutely beautiful. A really amazing connection with mind, body, and spirit. Lovely Dru points and a sense of deep peace and release. Aja is a wonderful teacher with a calm and holding presence. Thank you for this lovely fusion of Dru and Yin.
6 Dec, 2021
Cécile1965's picture
Wow, beautiful.
3 Dec, 2021
Jacky1970's picture
A great introduction to Yin Yoga and well guided. As a fan of Dru I am a bit confused now how to combine dru and yin. I've never enjoyed the warrior as much as I did this time and really felt the powerful effects. I'd love more fusion of Dru and Yin. Jacky
3 Dec, 2021
juliescarff's picture
What a fantastic class. Really loved the long-hold in the poses and I feel amazingly calm. Thank you xx
2 Dec, 2021
Flora palou's picture
Flora palou
Absolutely gorgeous class. Thanks so much Aja.. I felt my heart open and a sense of joy and peace and calm. Much love xxx
1 Dec, 2021
CMiller's picture
Wow that was amazing -thank you so much
1 Dec, 2021's picture
What a lovely class, feel very still and centred. Thank you Aja that was beautiful.
1 Dec, 2021
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
WOW Aja what a beautiful teacher. Thank You. I felt a fusion of Iyengar (from my yoga roots) Dru & Yin and it all flowed so wonderfully to the still point. Namaste
1 Dec, 2021's picture
Love my Yin yoga….goes quite nicely with Dru


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