Deep Yogic Breath - sitting

Nanna Coppens

Senior trainer in Dru Yoga, Meditation & Dance

Nanna is one of Europe’s most experienced and highly regarded Dru Yoga and Dance trainers. Originally from The Netherlands, she has been teaching for over 20...

Deep Yogic Breath - Sitting

11 mins

The Deep Yogic Breath - sitting
Session 2                                                                                                                                                        
This session includes the following:

  • how to sit upright properly , with focus on core muslces and spine
  • how to find the right rythym for the inhalation and the out breath
  • how long to focus for this session - 10 minutes
  • Nanna explains the 2 part breath - focussing on  the abdomen and the rib-cage
  • finally she adds the last part of the breathing - the clavicular breath.

    She combines the three parts (abdomen, ribcage and collar bones) to create the full Deep Yogic Breath.

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