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Detox & Re-Energisation

 -   & 
John Jones
43 mins

n.b. This is one of our "golden oldie" classes that we just can't bear to take down because it has so many pearls of wisdom... Do you remember those ancient days of 4:3 videos that were actually filmed on tape? We do too! So, please excuse the bad quality video and enjoy the content :-)

Relax and enjoy this class as Mansukh and John put your liver through its paces!

Gentle Dru movements help the liver detox your system and increase your energy levels, help you survive any of your festivities and over-indulgences... don't we look after you?

Mansukh introduces you to 2 unique liver movement series, puts you through your paces with the Bhima posture (Uttihita Parsvakonasana), warming you up for the Warrior sequence with John.

Closing off with the Shanti Mudra (energy seal for peace) and Nadi Shodanam (alternate nostril breathing), you will complete this class feeling ready for anything. Enjoy!

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Members' comments:

23 Sep, 2023
NickyH's picture
So glad to return to this wonderful class - feeling the benefit of these flowing sequences - thank you - Om Shanti
17 Sep, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Once again an inspiring class. I am feeling very peaceful. Thank you.
14 Jun, 2023
Ruth Matthew's picture
Ruth Matthew
What a delight to see this. I did not have this DVD but I have experienced these teachings. I am sitting here in a state of absolute calm. Thank you.
25 Oct, 2022
MartinR's picture
I felt quite emotional watching Mansukh and John presenting this classic DVD… I feel relaxed calm and settled, yet rejuvenated, nicely ready for the new day. Thank you.
2 Aug, 2022
Gmyteaching18L's picture
I'm so happy you have kept this oldie but goody on the studio. What an awesome class. I will definitely revisit this one
12 Nov, 2021
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
I feel calm and positive. The U visualisation was very very helpful. Thank you. x
15 Jul, 2021
Els van Venrooij's picture
Els van Venrooij
Still amazing! Timeless science and wisdom. Paul van Kessel
28 Jan, 2021
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Loved this. The U tube visualisation in Nadi Shodana was especially helpful. Thank you.
17 Oct, 2020
KathyField's picture
Really enjoyed this video and the refreshing settings of nature - a lovely mix of strength, stability and rebalancing has descended! The shoulder release was so simple yet effective for releasing tension and the explanation of Nadi Shodana beautifully paced. Thank you
22 Jul, 2019
Natural Inner Connections's picture
Natural Inner C...
Wonderful feelings of well-being and love flowing through every cell in my body. I am thankful xx
21 Feb, 2019
Jaynelewis's picture
Best ever
6 Oct, 2018
NickyH's picture
I loved this class - thank you
4 Nov, 2017
Jo's picture
Wonderful thank you xxx
21 Jul, 2016
Raisinloaf's picture
Really enjoyed these sequences and pranayama. I felt calm and relaxed afterwards but with a vibrancy rather than tiredness. Thank you.
28 Nov, 2014
Balbir Mann's picture
Balbir Mann
Lovely start to the day! Thank you
6 Jan, 2013
Pauline Hall's picture
Pauline Hall
Beautiful thank you.
27 Jan, 2010
Mrbrimley's picture
14 Jan, 2010
jeroen's picture
Incredible sequence, I love it. And it has been great inspiration for my yogaclass, thank you!
12 Jan, 2010's picture
Enjoyed this class, loved the beach and could feel the heat of the sun.
1 Jan, 2010
sue korteling's picture
sue korteling
Yeah! thank you so much for this surpriseing and rich Christmas gift. Could we keep it available for a whil longer. My holidays were not so peaceful as others. Happy New year to you Dru-all and thanks for the support thruout the yr.! love n light, sue k
30 Dec, 2009
claarbos's picture
Thank you so much! I watch the video over and over. Inspiring, new, respectful, loving, graceful and a beautiful environment. So close to my heart. THANKS! With love from Claartje
27 Dec, 2009
carla's picture
beautiful movements, stunning nature, thank you! xx, carla.
26 Dec, 2009
nadia dickie's picture
nadia dickie
24 Dec, 2009
sandra's picture
Thank you for this terrific Dru class, Christmas special with Mansukh and John. What a thoughtful gift for us all, especially during the holidays when many of us feel tired, stressed... and emotional. I am making time this holiday for personal retreat at home. this class is absolutely perfect... Santa knew just what to bring!! Happy Hol's everyone at Dru yoga online studio! xx from Canada
22 Dec, 2009
sue's picture
Loved it. thankyou.
20 Dec, 2009
marianhoiting-folser's picture
in one word: Fantastic!!!! many thanks!!


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