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Developing trust and inner stability

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Developing trust and inner stability

90 mins

In this class, Christiane is exploring the deeper energetics of Prithvi Namaskara to bring warmth and poise into your body, heart and mind. Through the power of Apana Vayu, this sequence takes you into a deeper connection with the Earth and nature, building a deep trust and firm belief within, knowing that everything is perfect as it is.

This class can help you deal with anxieties or other internal stress responses. It is essential for us to connect with our primaeval nature, to come back to the place where we intrinsically know the place we have on this earth, and the security and safety it brings to us and the people around us.

This class contains:
- Activations
- EBR1
- Prithvi Namaskara
- Windmill breath
- Pigeon breath
- Deep Relaxation

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