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Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

As co-founder of Dru (UK), Director of the Dru Yoga Online Studio, a nutritionalist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Live and Dry Blood Analyst Annie is one of the...

Digestive Aid Health Talk

7 mins

Hints and tips for a happy digestion

Join Annie as she reveals her top secrets to a happy digestion especially over the upcoming festive season! 

As we all know, we're often helpless to refuse that second (or third) helping of Christmas pud or turkey sandwich (or nut loaf if you don't eat meat!), and by the time Boxing day is over, most of us will have hoovered up the left overs of all that rich jollity - with our mouths! The end result is a stomach that is in need of it's own holiday - from food!

In this short health talk get a few simple solutions for a happy ending - both for you, the food you have enjoyed... and your stomach. 

Annie suggests using of ginger, chawanprash and Barley Grass as additional supplements to your diet. It's a simple formula but don't be fooled - simple is powerful! So, good luck and have a tasty Christmas holiday!



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27 Jan, 2018
Neesey55's picture
Thank you Annie for the tips. Very helpful! I will definitely give them a try x

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