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Discover your Celestial Song

64 mins

Rita Goswami, co-founder of Dru, will help you uncover the part of you within that sings the song of your unique purpose, and plugs you into the holographic field in which you already know the answers to life's major challenges. 

Rita's ability to take you into an experience of your innermost Self is legendary, with her unique ability to help you understand the vast truths of the ancient rishis. The Bhagavad Gita is one of the world's most enduring wisdom teachings, and Gandhi believed it was the cornerstone of his success in liberating India, his success in harnessing the power of ahimsa (non-violence) in such a way that it went on to be the basis of the Martin Luther King's freedom movement of the 1950-60s, the environmental movement of the 70-80s and the non-violent dissolution of the communist bloc in the 90s.

What can the Gita do for you, with a pedigree like that? It can help you understand your inner purpose. It can help you resolve the essential basis of your challenges, and it can put you in touch again with the part of you that knows how to sing your song of inner greatness. 

In this session filmed live at the Dru Centre, Rita and Petra will help you understand the key concepts that make it easier to decipher the wisdom of the Gita:

  •         dharma and its opposite,
  •         a brief glimpse in how to feel adequate when the wanting mind is by nature inadequate,
  •         and much needed encouragement that it's ok to feel you're on the battlefield of life - that's the natural outcome of the wanting mind we all have within - and that there are tried and tested solutions.

We hope you'll discover how the Gita can be an oracle to guide your choice of actions on the core issues of life, and gain a renewed glimpse into the nature of who 'I' is... and why this is so very, very fundamental to your life.

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Members' comments:

17 Nov, 2023's picture
Thanks for this gem shared
20 Sep, 2022
Karen R's picture
Karen R
divine timing for me and I gained a teaching from this - Thankyou
10 Apr, 2022
Dinta Patel's picture
Dinta Patel
Thank you Rita and Petra.Thank you Rita for sharing your beautiful wisdom and knowledge about Gita. Thank you Petra for sharing your knowledge about Gita and Sanskrit. Namaste.
5 Apr, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Thank you both. You left me feeling a beautiful calmness.
4 Apr, 2022
eva's picture
Thank you Rita! this was brilliant, you definitely made my day.I also loved the chanting! Namaste Eva


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