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Dru Core Strength

35 mins

Strengthen your core from top to toe with strong, focused moves to protect your back and ensure you are performing at peak.

Mona Fairholme, yoga sports coach, takes you through a complete programme and her top tips for effective core development. Enjoy a fantastic series of movements specifically designed to seriously strengthen your core! Enjoy our fabulous online studio tutor – Mona Fairholme; an Irish firecracker with an amazing ability to get you into your intensive core yoga practice.

The activations will loosen up the body then discover where your core stability muscles ARE and how to engage them from the 'all fours' position. Strengthen your core with developments of the traditional stomach crunch – popular with footballers worldwide! The boat posture is perfect for core with unexpected additions! Discover a new way to work into Setubhandasana with the golden bridge.

Last but not least… if you are still with us... the plank into the side plank is such a great work-out for your core – this is not for the faint of heart – or even the faint of core stability! Good luck with this workout!


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Members' comments:

1 Aug, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Mona that was great. I will get to the more advanced states by Christmas 23. Side plank definitely not there yet.
27 May, 2022
laurian 11's picture
laurian 11
Mona, that was best class ever on core stability ever have experienced love our style of teaching with the detail and demo and truly deep calm voice is most refreshing- thank you so much- what I need after four pregnancies too reckon this part ofmy inner strength
12 May, 2021
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Really good reminders about core stability. Side plank - a challenge! Thank you Mona.
1 Dec, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Hard. need to practice this class more. Ta.
18 Nov, 2019
jmoffat99@hotmail.com's picture
Beautiful class..Thank you x
4 Sep, 2019
dotcrom's picture
I love this class. A perfect warm up. A good core workout that you can adapt as you go and a little relaxation at the end.
12 Sep, 2016
Jennikirkwood's picture
Hi Mona. Just wanting to refresh my core! Thanks for all your wisdom. Jennix
24 Apr, 2016
Diane Malpass's picture
Diane Malpass
Awesome! Thanks Mona,
24 Feb, 2015
sandraleigh108's picture
That was awesome :)
18 Jan, 2015
RobynH's picture
That was fabulous! I had been looking for more variety in the ways we teach core strengthening. This shows some stronger moves than I am used to too which is also desirable. Wonderful inspiration, thank you!
12 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Hi Mona It's a year since I saw you teach in person in Leeds. A year later I understand how very important those core muscles are having used them a lot. Loved the boat table and the side plank quite amazed I can now do thanks to all that seemingly simple core work. Lovely class and lots to take into my own explanation when teaching. Thank you xx
15 Dec, 2014
LinzMac's picture
Wow what a great class!!I'm finally understanding the whole "engage core" while still breathing thing I've struggled with for so long and attempted the plank (not much but off the ground slightly) which I didn't think I'd manage....thanks so much will be repeating this class often!
24 Feb, 2013
natty969's picture
Wow ! I feel human again :-) really enjoyed the pace and postures.
12 Oct, 2012
Amanda's picture
Thanks, that was a great class which I will replay many times I'm sure.
24 Jul, 2012
linda.faulkner's picture
Wonderful way to feel your core & progressively intensify. Thanks
2 Sep, 2011
sandra's picture
lovely class, Mona! thanks for sharing your body wisdom ..
30 Jul, 2011
mtempleton's picture
Thank you Mona.
1 Jul, 2011
lucy's picture
wow, plenty of food for thought and asanas to practise. Thanks, Mona
7 Jun, 2011
marianfoat's picture
Really great thank you. Please could you let me know the name of relaxation music at the end. Thank you.
30 May, 2011
AileenEmery's picture
I loved this class. Great activations and a lovely stepped approach to core strength. But it looks as if you are trying to keep Mona's identity a secret with all those pixilations!
28 May, 2011
Colette Noke's picture
Colette Noke
Great build up for those core muscles. Very well explained, you cant say you dont know where they are!!!!!!
24 May, 2011
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
I not only enjoyed it, I loved it! thank you: it really helped me to feel my CS muscles. I,m looking forward training them ;-)
23 May, 2011
Joanne's picture
Wonderful! Thanks Mona :)


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