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Dru Dance Series: Class 2 - Becoming the Flame

48 mins

Dru Dance is a great way of combining Dru Yoga and flow into a sequence.

This is the second of three Dru Dance classes by Jes Scharbow. All the three classes combined form the 'Becoming the Flame' dance which was inspired by the Dru charity project, the World Peace Flame.

Enjoy this second part of the ‘Becoming the Flame’ dance.

Dru Dance is a unique form of Dru – focusing on the flow of posture and energy. This dance awakens the feeling of light in the body, illuminating our physical, emotional and mental awareness. A strong physical sequence working the thighs, core and gluteals. Great shoulder mobilisation and twists too! Enjoy the moves and the flow of postures.


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Members' comments:

30 Oct, 2016
cathyjeffersonsing@hotmail.com's picture
Hi Jes, Thank you So much for teaching us all this wonderful dance "Becoming the Flame". What an inspiration you are!! I am hoping to teach it to some children at my school and your expert tuition has helped me so much. The way that you break down each section in such a beautiful and clear way is very helpful. Along with clear visualisations and affirmations. Excellent!! Thank you once again. I look forward to keeping you in the loop as to how it goes. We hope to perform the dance alongside teaching the children about the World Peace Flame. Love to you and thank you so much...all the best Cathy


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