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Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

Janet co-manages Dru Australia and is senior tutor on the Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher training courses. She has over 17 years experience as an...

Dru Dance Series: Class 3 - Becoming the Flame

54 mins

This is the third class of the Dru Dance ‘Becoming the Flame’. This class combines the three parts of the sequence and focuses on the calming conclusion of the dance with the Dru Salute.

Then enjoy the dance in its entirety in real time – the satisfying conclusion of the “Becoming the Flame’ Dru Dance series.

Enjoy a flame meditation taking you to a place of deep stillness. It’s strong, fun and brings you into a place of perfect balance on all levels!

Recommended music for this dance is the track ‘Om Shanti’ by Bliss, in the album ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’.

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13 Dec, 2016
SylviaC's picture
This is such a great dance! I feel totally relaxed and empowered and at the same time energised and full of joy. Thanks Jess. This is a favourite of mine!
11 Oct, 2015
purplepaula's picture
Both my niece and myself have done all three dance classes and really enjoyed. We're hoping to truly learn by heart and show our family.
25 Feb, 2015
Helena's picture
hello, can you please tell me, who made the beautiful piano music?

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