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Dru event 2016

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Dru Event 2016

5 mins

A few weeks ago, we celebrated 38 years of Dru. Since our humble beginnings at Bangor University in the 1970s, Dru has now expanded to become an international team of people working to transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves.

Enjoy this exciting glimpse into a memorable and heart enriching few days spent in the mountains of North Wales. Every year we celebrate Dru's anniversary with plenaries & workshops, meditation, walking, singing, friendship and fun!

One of our main events is our awards evening - congratulations to all the 2016 prizewinners (see below). Do contact us if you’d like to volunteer with Dru this year, and become part of our international team. To see what we're up to visit druyoga.com and see what events, classes, courses and volunteer opportunities await you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Dru Team.


Dru Awards 2016 Prizewinners

Dru Volunteer of the Year Awards 2016

Volunteering is the heart beat of Dru. Since we began 38 years ago, so many hardworking and committed volunteers have offered hours of help and support. Your contribution has made possible everything that is visible today on our courses around the world. You update websites and edit videos. You teach our yoga and meditation courses. You help maintain our centres and you assist with catering and a host of other unseen acts of kindness. By offering your time and your skills, you make it possible for us to reach out and touch so many more lives.  

  • London - Jeanette Dunn and Talia Mor
  • Scotland - Alison Massie and Elizabeth Hughes
  • Midlands  - Sue Cheese, Sally Oates 
  • Ireland - Stephanie Hynes & Cathy Cummings
  • Netherlands - Isabelle Blandeau
  • Wales - Helen Edwards and Kate Hamilton-Hunter 

Dru Initiative Award 2016
This award acknowledges and celebrates individuals who have used their time, skills and creativity to help Dru move forward. This year we honoured Jane O’Halloran and David McCann who organize and teach the yoga and meditation teacher training courses in their home areas of Leeds and Scotland.

Dru Star Award 2016
This is given each year to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Dru. They have used their professional skills and personal experience to help develop a new area of Dru’s work. The 2016 Dru Star Awards were presented to Sandra Bullee, Anne Smale, Katharina Albers and Sue Cleaver.

The World Peace Flame Award 2016 
Sheila Roberts and Teresa Palomas recieved this award for their outstanding efforts in our humanitarian work with the World Peace Flame and Peace Education. 

Dru Lifetime Contribution Award 2016
This award honours individuals who give a lifetime of commitment and dedication to Dru's mission. This year’s recipient was Tricia Lyle, who for many years has worked tirelesly as part of our Scottish team.

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