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Dru Meditation Series: Class 1

15 mins

Join Jane Clapham as she  takes you through two of the Prana Kriyas. It is part of the ' 5 Vayu Prana Kriya practice'. The first one works with the ' prana vayu' and opens the lungs to help energise.  The second kriya is for the 'vyana vayu' and will expand your breath, helping you re connect with the space round you in a powerful and positive way.

Then sit quietly with Jane and Annie amidst the mountains, rivers and forests of  of North Wales and enjoy a meditation to help you de stress and relax mind and body. 


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Members' comments:

25 Jan, 2021
JosephineP's picture
Thank you so nice to do a meditation with both Love Josie
8 Apr, 2020
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for your message - the prana kriyas are certainly very beautiful and perfect preparation for the meditation. Afraid you'll just have to put the video on whilst you're enjoying your morning cup of tea to enjoy the scenery! I remember we filmed this just down from the Dru Centre in Snowdonia - it was an incredible evening... but the midges were intense!!!!
7 Apr, 2020
Sandy's picture
This has become one of my new favourites. Prana krias followed by a silent meditation with beautiful music that catches the mood. Please can you move the lovely scenes you show to a time when we haven't got our eyes closed. Thank you Jane.
17 May, 2016
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
A lovely meditation Jane, thank you.
2 Nov, 2015
AnneSmale's picture
So glad I took time out to do this with you, Jane. Felt so calm and did not want to stop. Looking forward to more Dru Online now.
18 Nov, 2014
Balbir Mann's picture
Balbir Mann
That was lovely. Thank you Jane
25 Jun, 2013
sue's picture
Loved it. I sat with the garden doors open so that I could feel the warm summer's sun you mentioned. Just wanted to do all of the Prana Kriyas. Thank you.
8 Apr, 2013
vbeads@hotmail.co.uk's picture
do lots of dru yoga and other meditation but really enjoyed this one
31 Oct, 2012
kmmtaylor's picture
My first ever try at yoga & didn't want to open my eyes at the end, lovely -thank you.
2 Jun, 2012
linda.faulkner's picture
wonderful kriyasm - thanks
1 Jun, 2012
lucy's picture
thank you - this was great
22 Feb, 2012
Pamela Creed's picture
Pamela Creed
very rrlaxing. thank you
23 Nov, 2011
fb152152's picture
how easy and effective yoga can be...
15 Nov, 2011
vivien's picture
Wonderful! Loved it vivien


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