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Dru Sound Class 1

 -   & 
Petra Opsteeg
30 mins

Free your voice and your inhibitions with this amazing Dru Sound class!

Dru Sound explores how to activate and work with the energy centres of the body - helping us to re-energise, harmonise and align our whole system.

Enjoy a warm-up to prepare the lungs and vocal chords, followed by toning (the use of vowel sounds) through the chakras, accompanied by the Indian keyboard (or harmonium) to awaken and stimulate the body, mind and energy. This is very much about sound - and not singing! A perfect preparation for meditation and a great start to the day!

Filmed on location in New South Wales, Australia, you will enjoy great scenery, waves on the shore and a new exploration into the world of Dru Sound.


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Members' comments:

26 Oct, 2022
Karen R's picture
Karen R
loved the vibration this created . so effective . Thankyou
30 Jun, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Thank you. Very calming and I feel clarity.
30 Oct, 2020
Trixi Field's picture
Trixi Field
Enjoyed this very much today.
6 Nov, 2019
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks everyone for your comments on this class. It is indeed wonderful to imagine yourself here with us in Australia! Petra has done some wonderful mantra and chanting sessions on the Studio - do check those out too. :-)
4 Nov, 2019
Pippa's picture
Wow, so powerful, thank you so much. Awesome class.
22 Jan, 2018
joyousjulie's picture
Tis one's going into favourites. Thank you. Feel full of the biggest smile and the sun has indeed come out.
9 Mar, 2017
Sheila Caldwell's picture
Sheila Caldwell
A wee slice of heaven, listening to the tweeting birds and gentle ocean whilst chanting, I feel like a wind screen wiper has just cleared my head! Thank you so very much for a very powerful, enjoyable and therapeutic session.
13 Feb, 2017
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
I'm really embracing chanting so this was a lovely sequence thank you ❤️
8 Jan, 2017
MaJa's picture
Thank you so much : ) That was great : )
14 Feb, 2016
onno's picture
Great! Can't wait for Class 2!
20 Jun, 2015
kathdru68's picture
Lovely meditation.could have cried when at heart sound and each sound above the heart. Thank you.
13 Jul, 2013
Angela yoga's picture
Angela yoga
Great exercise, thank you :)
29 May, 2013
dreamr1608's picture
I loved toning to the sound of Om and the ocean. You both are wonderful teachers. Thank you
16 Mar, 2013
lucy's picture
What a wonderful class - please do more of the sound classes. I normally can't sit without pain for more than 5 minutes but I managed the whole 15+ minutes and feel fantastic. Thank you :)
4 Mar, 2013
danimuntz's picture
just beautiful ladies! loved it. very interesting to feel how it moved through my body and my emotions! will definitely be doing it again thank you :-)
4 Jun, 2012
pamelaesimpson's picture
Loved this!I'm a music teacher that never gets to sing for fun apart from teaching. The 'mm's' felt amazing! Will be refering to this video more!
12 Apr, 2012
Margaret.cleary's picture
This was a first for me with sound and I found it most relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you so much
11 Feb, 2012
Dianne Swaffield's picture
Dianne Swaffield
really enjoyed that-thank you
31 Jan, 2012
sandra's picture
that was so wonderful! thank you!
10 Jan, 2012
claarbos's picture
Thank you so MUCH for this beautiful class. I feel my whole spine, all the chakra's and meditation afterwards becomes more easy! with light and love, Claartje
6 Jan, 2012
cathyjeffersonsing@hotmail.com's picture
I really enjoyed this. It's great that you have the sounds of the ocean and the birds to enhance the sacred nature of the sound/chakra workshop. It restored within, a sense of peace and wonder, in the cold of a January day in the UK. Thank you!
25 Dec, 2011
mirella.declerck's picture
super xx
24 Dec, 2011
Shakti's picture
wonderful I could be still for centuries after this, lovely to see you both got some Aussie sun at last


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