Elizabeth Rowan

Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

Elizabeth specialises in tailoring yoga and meditation for people in later years. She teaches in a way that enables everyone to participate to the level to...

Dru Yoga for Later Years

34 mins

Discover safe movements with spinal awareness to keep you healthy and flexible throughout your day.

This series of movements is designed to free the spine and improve posture, something we all need! These safe movements include a gentle side bend, the standing spinal twist and the standing cat. Elizabeth Rowan brings a wealth of experience to this session which will give you more energy as well as a healthy back with ease and enjoyment.

Enjoy a seated relaxation with breath awareness.


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Members' comments:


5 Jan, 2016
MelC's picture
Thank you Elizabeth. A lovely gentle, calming session after a day at the computer.
13 Jul, 2013
krice43's picture
Only one session for older people?
12 Feb, 2012
wasas's picture
Loved it. Such a calm, gentle return to yoga for a creaky 77 year old.
20 Nov, 2011
jenny's picture
Thank you, enjoyed the gentleness and calmness of this session

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