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The Sun Sequence with Angie

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Dynamic Sun Sequence Flow

33 mins

Get inspired and active with this dynamic Sun Sequence class.

Today's class is based in the gorgeous Senate gardens in Canberra, Australia. 

This sequence is for those occasions where you are a little slow in getting going or perhaps you need a little dynamism to take you into your day. If you know a little about Ayurveda - then this class is also perfect for balancing any excessive kapha (tiredness, sluggish etc). Prepare to get get moving with some energetic activations and then onward into a dynamic Sun Sequence.

Dynamic Activations
Including: shake out, running on the spot, windmill arms, dynamic twists, anahata breath, lateral side bend and 'v' step.

Body Preps
Including: calf stretches (gastrocnemius and soleus), hamstrings and illiopsoas muscles.

The Dynamic Sun Sequence
If you have time, watch through this sequence first as we're going to be moving quite fast through a lot of different poses. As you can see, even if you are familiar with the standard form of the Sun Sequence, Angie has a few surprises in store for you! The Sun Sequence is also perfect for balancing right and left and in this class Angie takes us through the full sequence (both left and right sides) 3 times. So get ready to feel really dynamic and alive!!!

  • Standing flowing stretch - flowing forward and backward bend gives great segmental mobility to activate your spine
  • Warrior Sequence - from a raised runner we move through Warrior 2 (heel off the floor) into Warrior 1 and on into Bhima pose. To come out we return to Warrior 1 then Warrior 2 ready to move on with the rest of the sequence.
  • Plank and Upward Dog - from plank we move into an upward dog (keeping abdomen off the floor) instead of the cobra
  • 3-legged dog - here's a great Dog pose variation to introduce even more of an inversion. We affectionately call it the "3-legged" dog :-)
  • Warrior sequence - repeat to the other side
  • Standing flowing stretch

Modifications and adaptations:
This is a fun, dynamic and challenging sequence. Be sure to modify if you need to.

  • You can place your knee on the floor for the warrior sequence (above) and do all these movements from an extended runner pose. You may also need a cushion under your knee to make this comfortable.
  • If you find the plank difficult to hold - bring both knees onto floor before coming down as low as is comfortable
  • If upward dog is a strain on your back or arms - come lower into a Cobra or Sphinx pose with the abdomen resting on the floor
  • As a dog modification, keep both knees on the floor and extend arms out in front into a small inversion or "puppy" pose. You can also raise one leg and then the other, as in the Tiger, to enjoy a similar stretch.

Compete this session with Makarasana - the Crocodile - a nice restful end to an energising class.


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Members' comments:

28 Aug, 2022
Pauline Tarrant's picture
Pauline Tarrant
This just gets better and better with practice and my class love it too. Thanks Ange
17 Jul, 2022
JuliaS's picture
Its Great it's Dynamic. Loved it.
28 Nov, 2020's picture
Loving all your sun sequence classes Angela, and your inspiring empowering words, thank you x
9 Jun, 2020
Evanst's picture
Fantastic energetic worth practising sun sequence first. Thanks Angela your videos are great
6 Nov, 2019
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hey everyone - so glad you're enjoying this class! It's perfect for getting things going. Remember though - if you already have a lot of fire in your system - you may actually need to calm down rather than speed up! If you enjoyed this class - check out Angela's other classes on the Vitality Sequence. You'll love it!
1 Nov, 2019
JuliaS's picture
Teaching this sat Morning Angela . Love it. Energising great. Julie S
18 Aug, 2019
Jo's picture
Wow Angela, thank you for this beautiful dynamic class, off for a walk in the Peaks feeling strong for the hills :)
27 Jul, 2019
Laura Bryson's picture
Laura Bryson
A fab start to my birthday morning, helped me feel dynamic and ready for my celebrations ahead. The positive language and flow used was great. x
2 Aug, 2018
Kate Longden's picture
Kate Longden
Lovely sequence, thank you Angela. Beautiful colour in tree behind you. X
30 Jun, 2018
geordieange's picture
Beautiful thank you :)
25 Jun, 2018's picture
Hi Angela, all the way from the UK on a summer's morning. Thank you for a wonderful class. I loved your variation of the sun sequence and your uplifting language. Have a fabulous day. Best wishes Charlotte May
14 Jun, 2018
sdashworth1970's picture
Love this class, what a fabulous way to start the day! Thank you!
12 Jun, 2018
SylviaC's picture
Angela that was great! I teach park yoga is Qld and the mornings are getting very cold (4-6 degrees)! This is the kind of Dru I do with that class - gets us warmed up nicely!
5 Jun, 2018
Machteld's picture
Lovely start of the day! Thank you.
4 Jun, 2018
Sue Penning's picture
Sue Penning
Wow...that was good , thank you Angela x
4 Jun, 2018
EF's picture
Thank you Angela! This is just what I needed this morning, I'm ready to face the world now:-)
2 Jun, 2018
Charlotte Sluter's picture
Charlotte Sluter
Lovely class. Thank you Angela. Really has helped my stuck energy. x
2 Jun, 2018
sardegna201215's picture
Thank you! The whole session is energising and strong...dynamic and fast,the flow is great...just what i needed today x
2 Jun, 2018
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Excellent, practiced outside in the warm sunshine in "Old" South Wales. Thank you for this session, lovely activations and a strong beautiful sequence. xx
2 Jun, 2018
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
I loved this session, thank you, Angela. Just what I needed this morning - I'm going to have a fantastic day!


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