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The Earth sequence

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Earth Sequence

10 mins

Feel connected to the Earth and let go of unhelpful emotions with the Earth Sequence (Prithvi Namaskara). By doing this graceful sequence you can consciously cleanse and clear your emotions and the energy system (especially when you do it outside in nature).

Today: Flood your body with endorphins as you move with grace and freedom.

The earth is an energy that brings us balance and emotional stability. It has a calming energy that helps us align with something much bigger than just our individual self - nature... 

When performed outside, the benefits from this sequence seem to be amplified as you connect in directly to the source energy of the earth. The earth is here to nurture, protect and provide for us. Use this sequence to also honour and acknowledge that giving energy.

The overall aim of this sequence is to leave you feeling settled, calm and replenished by the quiet earth. Complete this class with a mudra (hand gesture) to calm your nervous system

This sequence has been taken from Nanna's class on 'Vata', which is the air-based personality type in Ayurveda.

>   To find out more watch the full class here...

>   Watch Nanna's Introduction to Ayurveda here...

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Members' comments:

26 Oct, 2023
Yoga with L's picture
Yoga with L
Always LOVE this practice. Thank you :)
29 Jan, 2023
Moniv's picture
Can you please tell me the name of that calming mudra?
12 May, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Thank You. This so calming. The mudra was new to me.
10 May, 2022
Kinkarin's picture
I forget just how beautiful and soothing this is. Please can you let me know what the music is please. X
30 Mar, 2020
Carole in Suffolk's picture
Carole in Suffolk
Just enjoyed watching this lovely Nana. I'm teaching this in my first live online class (due to the Cornoa virus) on Wednesday 1st so this gives me beautiful language and feel.
30 May, 2018
MarieS's picture
I also enjoyed the Earth Sequence and the mudra at the end.Could you please tell me what the mudra is called. Thank you.
11 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thank you for your comments on this amazing class with Nanna. The mudra at the end is called the Gesture of Solitude. A beautiful mudra to calm and ground body, heart and mind.
2 May, 2018
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Prithvi Namaskara is a wonderful grounding sequence and loved the mudra to calm the CNS. Thanks Nanna.x
2 May, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Thanku always good to retouch base with earth sequence. love the mudra at the end. What is it called?
1 May, 2018
cookie's picture
Beautiful - peaceful - thank you Nanna x
1 May, 2018's picture
Thank you Nana for this video. One of my favourite sequences and exactly what I needed at the end of today. X


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