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Easing Back Pain Series: Class 1

60 mins

This 3 class series kicks off with a tried and tested stretching programme for starting the process of easing back pain.

Coby will stretch out your upper back with the Standing Twisted Cat, the Standing Twist, the Child (Pindasana) and the Maltese Cross (Shava Udarakarshanasana) completing with the Cat/Tiger (Marjariasana / Vyaghrasana) series to also begin the process of strengthening.


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Members' comments:

14 Aug, 2022
NellyO441's picture
I absolutely love this class and I can't tell you how many times I must have done it over the years! it's my go to class with friends (Coby and Annie) when I have a free hour to spend. Thank you so much for keeping it online! I don't know what I'd do without it :)
4 Jun, 2020
HeatherElizabeth's picture
Thanks Coby & Annie..finding this practice really helpful for relaxing all my muscles that have tightened as a result of OA of my hips. Hoping to be able to move into the next session soon.
11 May, 2020
KathyField's picture
Thank you so much Coby and Annie for this class - my whole body felt very relaxed by the end and realise just how much tension I can carry as a result f chronic back issues which have recently been affecting my hip too. An invaluable session that includes all the stretches, sequences and asana I needed during lockdown when the usual chirp and acupuncture not accessible! I intend to practice regularly along with Kate's Back Care Class 2 . I am very grateful!! Kathy Field DYTT student
1 Apr, 2020
Gavin's picture
Timeless help!
6 Nov, 2019
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments on this class. It truly is a gem! Yes - we know it was filmed ages ago - but with comments like these we can't bear to take it off line! Enjoy x
28 Oct, 2019
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks for a perfect class you me this morning. Feel so much lighter and at ease with my body. Dru yoga is the best medicine ever.
11 Feb, 2019
JuliaS's picture
Excellent to teach. thank you x
28 Nov, 2018
Maythornuk's picture
Really enjoying this class. My 3rd repetition today, and I can walk and relax with much less stress. I'm going to follow the full six-week programme. Can't thank you enough.
7 Oct, 2018
Lorraine Jimenez's picture
Lorraine Jimenez
My upper back, neck and shoulders have become very tight due to a prolonged period of stress. I have started doing this class to help me focus on mobilising my spine and stretching out my muscles. After just one class I already feel a difference in my spine and muscles but also in my frame of mind and breathe. Thank you for the reminders of how amazing Dru is and especially EBR2 part one. I REALLY experienced the wonder of it today:-)
30 May, 2018
annamagnus's picture
these 2 back strengthening classses really made a differance to my back . I was very active until a few moth ago when my hip caused me to stop ( having hip replacment soon ) . I started these clases and it has made a huge difference to my pain . MOVE IT OR LOOSE IT :)
11 Jul, 2017
bootle217's picture
Brilliant class - my back loved it!!I will definitely be coming back for more - thank you!
16 Mar, 2017
yulia's picture
this was helpful class for me thanks but just one problem Coby's voice got so quiet during the relaxation I had to get up and increase volume
28 Jun, 2016
relax's picture
I so enjoyed this class my back was very tight beforehand thank you.
29 May, 2016
VickiShaw's picture
I feel so much better after this class. I'm looking forward to repeating it over the new few weeks. Thank you :)
22 Sep, 2015
juliescarff's picture
Having fallen at work yesterday and hurt my back, this routine really helped to ease the pain and loosen up all the muscles that had gone into a tight spasm. Thank you.
5 Mar, 2015
rbn.collins@gmail.com's picture
So glad I have found this class. It was perfect for me and many people I know. I will be following the 6week plan.
2 Oct, 2014
JuliaW's picture
This really helped me on a personal level & with my teacher training. Thank-you
30 Jul, 2014
RosemaryWeir's picture
A wonderful relaxation at the end of this informative class.
13 Jul, 2014
Claire Taylor's picture
Claire Taylor
Hello, when Coby says practice this for two weeks, and then this and the second for four weeks, does she mean every day? many thanks
4 Jul, 2012
Laura Peppiatt's picture
Laura Peppiatt
Hi Coby, this is a wonderful class. I used it as an example for my first ever class as a teacher. I practice it for two weeks before the class and it went very good. The studio is invaluable resource for the teachers. Thank you.
31 May, 2011
jo_jobakka's picture
I really enjoyed this class as my back has always been weak and nothing put any strain on it during the class. This was my first online class. I signed up on the reccommend of my usual Yoga teacher and I'm glad I did! Thank-you.
14 Mar, 2011
AileenEmery's picture
Thanks Coby, What a lovely class. All stuff I've done many times before but so beautifully taught I'm sure I'll enjoy this class many more times over the next few weeks.


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