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Garudasana - Christiane

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EBR 4 and Garudasana - Live Class

59 mins

Christiane will take you through Energy Block Release 4 and Garudasana - the eagle posture. This class will help you step into your internal power.

EBR 4 is also known as Living with Wisdom and is an energisation sequence using various mudras. This sequence renews our inner connection to our personal power and brings clarity to the way forward with any decisions we are making.

Garudasana is a great posture to heighten mental focus and to improve balance. It helps to free tension in the shoulders and it's also an excellent posture for strengthening and toning the thighs. This posture helps you step into your power that upholds you and your highest purpose.

This class includes:

  • Activations
  • EBR 4 - Living with Wisdom
  • Garudasana (including body preparations)
  • Relaxation
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Members' comments:

9 Aug, 2023
SylviaC's picture
Such a lovely class thanks. @haleyclifford1, it’s a poem by Christian D. Larsen
4 Jun, 2023
haleyclifford1@hotmail.com's picture
Hello, could you please let me know who I can credit the words spoken at the end of this relaxation to? I would like to have them displayed on my wall, but would like to know who wrote them. Many thanks Haley
8 May, 2023
Alison Hayward's picture
Alison Hayward
Thank you Christiane, that was a lovely session. I appreciated your words of wisdom at the end. Thank you, much love, Alison
15 Jun, 2022
urvashi's picture
Thank you Christiane. Loved this session. I wil be revisiting again in the future.
29 Jul, 2021
Nicky Zolezzi's picture
Nicky Zolezzi
I really enjoyed the class Christiane, thank you! Will be revisiting it to practice the Eagle. Visualising flight was very effective.
2 May, 2021
charlottemay@talktalk.net's picture
I love this class. It is one of my favourites. The visualisations are fantastic. I like too the little slips of humour which make me chuckle - and chuckling and smiling during a class brings uplifting happy energy too. Thank you Christine for a wonderful class for making me smile x
25 Apr, 2021
CarolynBennett's picture
I loved this class when I did it live so it is brilliant it is now on the studio. Thank you Christiane for the beautiful visualisations x
8 Apr, 2021
KathyField's picture
Thank you Christiane for an excellent class.....I loved the visualisations of the eagle and it was the perfect asana to follow on from EBR4. Your exolanations of the various modifications was really helpful and this class is certainly one I will be revisiting.
6 Apr, 2021
Jennikirkwood's picture
Thank you Christiane really appreciated being reminded of the benefits of this beautiful posture, Garudasana. Thank you for your clear and inspiring teaching - what a joy. Jennix
5 Apr, 2021
JuliaS's picture
very very nice sequence, eagle and kosha language.


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