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Energy Block Release 1 - The Foundation Stress Buster

45 mins

This is the perfect class for a short de-stress and relax!

Energy Block Release 1 is great because it mobilises the spine in all directions. It is the perfect, complete package for health and wellbeing and Nanna is a great teacher. She takes you though a short activation programme and then Energy Block Release 1.

You have a chance to go through it slowly as Nanna stretches and mobilises your body up, down, forward, back, twists, side- stretches and inversions. Then you will move through it again as a total flowing sequence.

The short relaxation is great for those days when you are a little short on time. Enjoy!


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Members' comments:

22 Sep, 2016
VIRGINIA's picture
Thank you Nanna, I really enjoyed the two path of the sequence and I feel really relaxed after it :) and my brain feel balanced.
12 Sep, 2014
LinzMac's picture
Thank you for a lovely class Nanna, quite new to Dru Yoga still trying to learn all the EBR's, great having two versions and soooo relaxing!!
27 Jun, 2014
JD's picture
Hi Nanna, 1st time for me to try the ebr.1, (after my 1st visit to the lodge celebration last weekend.) Great video, info, pace, visual and sound. I'm hoping to do this daily to help my spine and lift my energy. Was lovely meeting all of you. Thanks you. xx
14 Jul, 2013
NatashaFranko's picture
Thankyou very much Nanna, that was really lovely and very helpful, I found it really thorough and clearly explained, and easy to follow.
10 Jan, 2013
Laura Peppiatt's picture
Laura Peppiatt
I spent another evening with you Nanna.When are we going to have more videos from you? thank you
6 Nov, 2012
paul.s.ayres's picture
Lovely thank you Nanna. Great having the two versions.
21 Oct, 2012
AnneKennedy's picture
Thank you Nanna. I feel rejuvenated
17 Sep, 2012
sandra's picture
a nice refresher!!... EBR 1 is simply soooo good!
6 Jul, 2012
linda.faulkner's picture
Thanks Nanna. I love the technique & simplicity.
4 Oct, 2011's picture
Dear Nana, you did it lovely, nice EBR-1, only after the relaxation you are still talking while I was going to sit , it stopped suddenly. Anyway thanks
12 Sep, 2011's picture
Brillient - this is what I've been looking for - for years!


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