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Energy Block Release 2 - Total Body Workout

30 mins

Energy Block Release 2 is a perfect all-round experience as a total body workout. Whether you are preparing for an exam, for a run or to keep fit, it is a great and easy all-in-one solution!

Nanna Coppens takes you through a short activation programme followed by Energy Block Release 2. This series of movements is specifically linked together to move down the whole body systematically unlocking it from head to toe.

It is a complete experience that will stretch, relax and empower you on every level and completes with Makarasana - the crocodile - to help you relax emotionally as well as physically. You will not need anything else!


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Members' comments:

6 Jul, 2021
Taurus11's picture
What a wonderful teacher. I felt so present and in the moment during that sequence. Thank you.
23 Nov, 2020
jane_yoga's picture
Perfect Nanna, exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful clear and lovely instructions delivered in such a lovely calm way. My thanks to you Namaste
18 May, 2020
Carole Ann's picture
Carole Ann
A really useful re-charge in these lockdown times. Thank you. My sound was rather poor unfortunately.
3 Jan, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
Beautiful teaching from Nanna - really loved exploring EBR2
18 Sep, 2017
cat's picture
Lovely Nanna - thank you so much - it's been a long time since I was guided through this but I teach it all the time !! Today I thought I'd have a treat and let you guide me Cat x
7 May, 2016
Dev Preston's picture
Dev Preston
I love this sequence. I wish the sound quality was a bit clearer. I'd also find some slightly earlier verbal cues useful when one is following the sequence but posture prevents seeing the screen. Having Nanna and Annie working together is very useful to show what is intended. I am grateful for your work. Thank you Nanna, Annie and Dru.
17 Jan, 2016
Yvette40plus's picture
Really loved it, have missed my wonderful dru teacher over the summer break, but now I have found this site and this class was exactly what I needed :)
10 Jan, 2016
raphkevdweide's picture
Nana thanks once again for sharing! I really enjoyed it, good preparation for my lessons, especially the detailed remarks perfectioning the movements! Greets, raphke
30 Dec, 2015
HilarySymmans's picture
A lovely class thank you Nanna.
1 Sep, 2015
John Jurgens's picture
John Jurgens
Thanks, Nanna for your clear instructions. Used it for preparation of my classes.
1 Feb, 2015
Lisa_Frideborg's picture
Thanks Nanna, got my partner to do this with me and we both enjoyed it.
29 Jan, 2015's picture
Eva. Fantastic for a old teacher and her classes.Thank you .
5 Jan, 2015
jonno's picture
Fantastic for teacher trainees to practise at home to get the movements correct. Very relaxing
11 Sep, 2014
Kayostell's picture
Just lovely
24 Jul, 2014's picture
This is one of my favourite classes. Really good when short on time and nicely paced. Thank you Nanna!
21 Jun, 2014's picture
Dankjewel Nanna, perfect start of the day for me!
12 Feb, 2013
Laura Peppiatt's picture
Laura Peppiatt
Hi Nanna, enjoyed again your teaching.Laura


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