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Energy Block Release 3

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Energy Block Release 3

 -   & 
Anouschka Dack
9 mins

The Energy Block Release 3 sequence is also called 'Awakening the Heart'. It is designed to nourish warmth and compassion – awakening your inner sun.

This sequence works on the heart area – in particular the anahata and the hrit chakras – these are the secret of your inner light and intuition. This sequence is for those occasions where you want to love with greater depth, forgive and forget pain and sorrow. It will strengthen your self love, personal empowerment and inner joy. So, in other words, you have a treat in store for you!

In Dru Yoga, postures and individual movements are combined to create a dance like flow of movements that become a symphony we call an Energy Block Release sequence.

Intertwined into these movements are visualisations, mudras and power statements that enhance and empower the over all experience of the student, helping us to dissolve and release any energy that has become stagnated or stuck. They are sequences that work on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This Energy Block Release 3 sequence taken from the Design Your Destiny class includes:

  • the windmill scoop
  • the mirror twist
  • the anahata breath
  • ocean waves
  • heaven and earth stretch
  • the archer
  • forward bend
  • the runner
  • the thunderbolt

Follow Andrew as he executes the movements in a flowing and graceful way. Set in a stunning location in Australia, listen carefully as with every move you are encouraged to reach for your dreams and to visualise success in your life.

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Members' comments:

13 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Thanks Andrew.
7 Sep, 2021
Heather Whitlam's picture
Heather Whitlam
many thanks Andrew, practising EBR 3 in preparation for my Bhakti course this weekend.
11 Feb, 2018
Mickey Baliakas's picture
Mickey Baliakas
thanks andrew and anouschka, great for refreshing before I do with my class tommorow.
17 Jan, 2017
cat's picture
Thank you Andrew Very Special. Cat
25 Dec, 2016
NikkiM's picture
what lovely movements for a beautiful Christmas morning. Thank you.
9 Jan, 2016
Veronicaisme's picture
lovely stretch wake you up, great energy, makes you want to do a bit more. thank you for a lovely video.
5 Nov, 2015
ChrisMartindale's picture
How beautiful. I'd forgotten how much I love EBR 3 and the energy and motivation it builds. Thanks you
5 Nov, 2015
Aphrodite33's picture
Beautiful, what a gorgeous setting, beautifully executed and filmed. Thank you


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