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Evening Yoga

45 mins
Aja’s evening session aims to help us to make certain changes that could help to revolutionaries our evening practice. This will help us to improve how we go to sleep, the quality of our sleep and in turn the quality of the following day.
Aja takes us through an eight-step programme. We can explore this and take from it the aspects that resonate with us and make it our own. Ayurveda is all about how we can make your life work for us.
Aja uses the principle of Ayurveda to help us establish calm, slow, and steady energy and helps us to establish a Nurturing Routine:
  1. Turn off technology ideally before evening mealtime to reduce the stimulating sounds and images that act upon the nervous system.
  2. Dinner – Ideally a light but nourishing dinner.
  3. Go for a peaceful walk connecting to the calmness of nature, or read a book. This helps to change the pace of the mind.
  4. Self massage feet or whole body – both the oil and human touch helps to calm us.
  5. Shower
  6. Restorative Poses (Yin Yoga) – holding the poses for 3-4 minutes. You will require a bolster (or similar, cushions and a block).

    • Sitting Forward bend
    • Sapta Baddha Kon Asana
    • Vipariti Karani
    • Supported bridge or extended supported bridge
  7. Nourishing drink
  8. Meditation
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Members' comments:

17 Aug, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Great class for an evening, it worked for me. Thanks Aja. My trusty blocks and bolster are never far away. I haven't got a scooby as to what dosha I am. Even after completing that Introduction to Ayurveda Dru on line last Nov 22 with Annie and Keith, for me it's so complex and individual I couldn't figure out my Dosha it overlapped. I appreciate you integrating aspects of Ayurveda into this lovely practice. I really love Dru yoga due to so many aspects of empowering me towards continual quality of life it's truly holistic.
4 Aug, 2023
Dorothyfromyork's picture
Gorgeous. Thank you Aja!
8 Feb, 2023
KathyField's picture
Thank you Aja for sharing your wisdom in such a calm and positive way. I have enjoyed both the Morning and Evening Yoga sessions but this one perfect practice for me to do late afternoon as I recover from a respiratory virus. I loved the way you invited us to go with what is right for our bodies to be able to rest and restore our energy whatever dosha is prevalent. Namaste
7 Feb, 2023
annie jones's picture
annie jones
I am sooo glad to feel you all relaxed and nourished by Aja's class. There is nothing like a good night sleep to recharge you for the day ahead! Annie x
4 Feb, 2023
Moniv's picture
Lovley practice for Vatta.
2 Feb, 2023
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
What a beautiful gift not only for sleep preparation but anytime. You truly are a generous soul Aja. Thank u
2 Feb, 2023
lesyoga@icr.com.au's picture


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