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Fab Abs class with Radha Patel

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Fab Abs

20 mins

Introducing TOGA: an exhilarating fusion of yoga and strength training - perfect to help build both flexibility and power.

In this short class Radha focuses on the abdominal muscles to help us strengthen and tone using interval training and yoga poses. Be warned - it’s a strong session! So, please do take care if you have back problems or if you’re not used to working the abs hard. Remember, you may need to build up slowly by doing less repetitions or modifying the exercises.


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  • Earth Sequence breath
  • Jogging
  • Dynamic twist
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Squat with arm circles

Fab Abs:

  • Tummy cruches
  • Bridge - Setubandasana
  • Scissor kicks
  • Ab twist
  • Maltese Cross - Sharva udara-karshan-asana
  • Russian twist
  • Sitting twist - Ardhamatsyendrasana
  • Plank & dynamic plank
  • Cobra - Bhujangasana
  • Crocodile - Makrasana



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Members' comments:

20 Jun, 2020
Rachel Orange's picture
Rachel Orange
Excellent Class really motivating thank you great work!
13 Oct, 2019
Alison Hayward's picture
Alison Hayward
Hi Radha, thank you for introducing me to TOGA. A great workout for my abs! I will do this again. Thank you, Alison
13 Jan, 2019
RobynH's picture
I really love this, Radha....for myself, but I have also had a lot of people try Dru in my classes then drop out because they are after something that is more 'fitness/training' orientated. Whilst we know Dru is great a it is, your TOGA I think will allow us to connect with a whole new group of gym oriented people (including young ones) who really need yoga, but find it hard to relate to. Thank you!
20 Jun, 2017
RadhaPatel's picture
Thanks so much to everyone for the feedback, I am so happy to share this with you! Looking forward to getting more classes out there and sharing my passion for yoga and fitness even more!
7 Apr, 2017
Jo's picture
Thank you Radha, loving this morning workout x
5 Apr, 2017
Jo's picture
Hi Radha! Tried this for the first time today, really enjoyed the class, it was a challenge and I am interested to see if I find it easier after a few days of practice! Xx
20 Mar, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hiya Kay, Thanks so much for your reflection. Toga is a fusion of yoga and strength training, combining elements of Dru Yoga and gym type exercises to respond to the requests from some of our students for a stronger work out. Mona's session called Dru Core Strength, is an alternative class you may enjoy to tone the abs :-) please find link below. https://druyoga.com/yoga-online/video/dru-core-strength
15 Jan, 2017
Kay Bennett's picture
Kay Bennett
This was not so much a yoga class as a keep fit class for 20 somethings delivered at break neck speed. Didn't like the use of a stop clock - against basic yoga principles. No lead in to the harder exercises just advanced level from the off. will not be doing it again. There are plenty of yoga asana which work the abs. I will go to the local gym if I want this sort of thing.
11 Jan, 2017
Kayostell's picture
Really enjoyed the class, almost kept up, not bad for a 50 yr old. Lovely engaging smile. I look forward to more sunshine classes.x
10 Jan, 2017
campbellinglis@icloud.com's picture
Nice class. Need to watch a few more times, so as to work out which bits I could modify for my oldies in my classes
10 Jan, 2017
SylviaC's picture
This fusion of yoga and strength training is great! More of these strong classes please!
5 Jan, 2017
SueCleaver's picture
Loving this unique approach, found the class refreshingly simple and effective. Thank you Radha!
4 Jan, 2017
Ontmoettilly@gmail.com's picture
Toga is fab!! Great idea. Good luck with new ideas!


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