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Seat of Compassion - Andrew Wells

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Feel Good Fast

 -   & 
Coby Langford
30 mins

In this session we shall focus on one of the most profound sequences in Dru Yoga: The Seat of Compassion.

This is a beautiful combination of movements that have been designed to remove the heaviness of cynicism pessimism and in its place we are invited to fill ourselves with more love!  So, when you are ready - for a precious 25 minutes join Coby for some light hearted activations and body preps, follow Andrew for the Seat of Compassion and finally sit with John Jones to enjoy the experience of being guided through a peace enhancing meditation.

Class content

Activations (4 minutes) 
Your activations will include: dynamic side swings, the clapping warrior, the spiral forward bend, 2 variations on simple arm raising that incorporates breathing. The warm ups will get you moving, whilst warming up the body, finishing with a few inward focusing breathing exercises that incorporate arm movement. 

Body Preps (5 minutes) 
Shoulder cuffs, the pectoral stretch and a hamstring stretch in the runner position. 
These body preps will loosen up and release tension in the shoulders. The legs will get a good stretch in preparation for the main sequence.

The Seat of Compassion (8 minutes)
This heart opening sequence  begins with the Chair of the Heart and includes the Charity pose and the Crane. This Seat of Compassion is a deeply nourishing for the thoracic area. If you are someone who easily loses energy and feels tired in the throat area then this sequence will help increase the blood flow and revitalise you.  Practising the spinal wave will ensure greater flexibility to the back. The primary emotion stated in the title: compassion. By opening the heart it seeks to restore our capacity to trust. Right from the beginning this is a sequence that literally opens up the chest and so focuses and activates the heart chakra to release the energy of compassion and selfless love. As you move through each stage of this sequence remind yourself "I open myself to receive the full love of the universe and I trust that all is well". 

Calming meditation using the Shanti Mudra  (7 minutes)
Shanti means 'peace'. Using an ancient sequence of hand movements, and combined with the correct guided breathing and visualisation, this short meditation will give you the peace your mind truly seeks. Take your time and give a little love to the most important person in the room - YOU!

You might want to consider....

  • during the Seat of Compassion - if you find the hand posture held by Andrew uncomfortable - take note of the easier version shown on your screen.
  • if you find placing your knees on the floor uncomfortable for the runner position (part of Body Preps and the Seat of Compassion) then be ready to place a blanket under your knees for this part.


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Members' comments:

10 Jul, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you - very calming on a hot morning. The ocean background was enegising. A lovely meditation.
14 Apr, 2022
KayMarples's picture
A great start to the day a with peaceful meditation. Perfect
12 Apr, 2022
sandra.chevin121's picture
Thank you Coby & Andrew - a lovely start to the day
19 Oct, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Grt. Did seat of compassion for my final test a number of years ago to become a teacher. so love this sequence.
9 Jun, 2021
JuliaS's picture
So Love The Seat Of Compassion.
4 Mar, 2021
Isabelleharwood's picture
Such a good stretch in the preparation and then the peace in the exercise and the relaxation. Thank you. I will enjoy this many times over.
16 Jan, 2021
cgsyogatree's picture
My first experience of Dru Yoga and this was a lovely introduction - thank you
14 Jul, 2020
PaulineDruB's picture
Feel good test
14 Jul, 2020
PaulineDruB's picture
Reply to feel good test
24 Jun, 2020
Evanst's picture
Great quick session thank you
10 Apr, 2020
YKC's picture
Loved this session. Great start to another day indoors.
27 Dec, 2019
Janemorris101's picture
Thank you Anoushka. Christmas, family etc I needed to reconnect with my compassionate heart and this class was perfect! Jx
10 Oct, 2019
Danny Verhelst's picture
Danny Verhelst
thanks for the wonderfull class! nice to become more aware of the heart region
20 May, 2019
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
A great session, thank you. My daughter and I are enjoying viewing the online studio together - our own private yoga session. Mum and daughter time.
2 May, 2019
charmane.head@bigpond.com's picture
Love this class not just for its content but also the voice over format. Thank you
9 Mar, 2019
Neesey55's picture
A really lovely class. I feel calm and peaceful. X
26 Feb, 2019
Jacki's picture
So beautiful thank you
9 Mar, 2018
Raisinloaf's picture
Really enjoyed the Seat of Compassion and the Shanti Mudra meditation created a beautiful sense of inner peace. Thank you for another wonderful class.
28 Feb, 2018
mlebros@hotmail.com's picture
Thank you for this beautiful practice!!! Xx
17 Feb, 2018
ginabarre's picture
Lovely for early morning! I love dru yoga online! Scenery is fantastic, must book on a Dru retreat!
9 Dec, 2016
ChrissyR's picture
Thank you Coby & Andrew and technical team. I am just learning the Seat of Compassion Sequence and love the calmness, peacefulness and coolness it evokes within. Love having access to these videos to recap and inspire.
29 Apr, 2016
Diane Malpass's picture
Diane Malpass
Most enjoyable thank you Dru. I've already planned my youga class for next week, including the Seat Of Compassion Sequence, so I will bring into it the beautiful deep sense of calm I felt during this session.
13 Mar, 2016
EmmaSt's picture
I really enjoyed this class and had a kookaburra come and sit with me on my deck watching the whole session. Thank you.
8 Jan, 2016
kathrineparker1@me.com's picture
Lovely calming sequence and guided meditation. Thank you.
6 Jan, 2016
Kayostell's picture
Lovely, quick fix, and beautiful backdrop.
24 Dec, 2015
Bettydymf's picture
Lovely class and what a beautiful scenery. We don't see al the work behind a class. A big thank you to the film crew. Sabine
18 Dec, 2015
Kari van Eden's picture
Kari van Eden
Thank you for a lovely peaceful 30min. Andrew your flowing movements synchronised with the breath were deeply inspirational and quietly encourage me to relax into an even deeper flow of connection. Namaste. Kari
12 Dec, 2015
KateJ's picture
very beautiful thank you enjoyed it very much so love the online studio - what a gift
4 Dec, 2015
lucyk3lhotmail.com's picture
thank you: i loved the whole of that 30 mins. locations were great. thanks again.


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