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Fueling the Heart

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Fueling the Heart

90 mins

There are two essential forces within our being that allow us to be alive and healthy on this planet: Prana [life force] and Agni [inner fire].

If your Agni (digestive fire) is strong and healthy you will experience health and vitality in your whole body. Food is essential to our lives, and what we eat and how we digest it has a big impact on the quality of life you experience.

Prana, born from the element of air, is what fuels the fire! It is what keeps us moving continuously, and keeps the rhythms in our bodies alive even when we sleep (i.e. breath, heartbeat, lymphatic movements etc.)

The science of Pranayama is as old as we have been breathing for. Through consciously using your breath you can direct it to particular parts of your body and mind, thus choose how you feel and how you want to be in each moment.

In this class Christiane will take you through EBR3 with a focus on the movement of the diaphragm and the expansion and opening of your chest, thus increasing your lung capacity and pranic awareness. 

The Bhima posture tops it all up as a fantastic way to strengthen your Agni and inner radiance. The result is a strong radiant body with healthy immunity and a calm relaxed mind. :)

This was a live stream Dru Yoga class from Together@Home held on 09-04-20.

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Members' comments:

19 Apr, 2021
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
And all this love and joy I send out to you dear Christiane: thank you so much ❤️
30 Jan, 2021
MartinR's picture
love the two stage exhalation in the archer..excellent class, thank you
3 Jul, 2020
theodora maria derks's picture
theodora maria derks
wonderfull class Christiane, thank you!
6 Jun, 2020
JuliaS's picture
I found this class to slow..
26 May, 2020
suzannarees's picture
I'm struggling to access this class even though I'm a DPN/online studio member? Please advise and thanks for all the fabulous content you are creating to keep us teachers inspired and engaged in the wonderful world of Dru x
24 May, 2020
Trudyellen's picture
Thank you Christine, I am absolutely loving your live classes. please please keep them going even when all this madness is over!


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