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Ganesh Namaskara with Annie Jones

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Ganesh Namaskara

41 mins

One of the most well-known deities in the yogic tradition is Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. Ganesh is said to be the 'Lord of Beginnings' and the 'Remover of Obstacles'.

In the yogic tradition, people call on Ganesh to help them with starting a new project, taking exams, travelling or before any other big event. Working with Ganesh can help you clear and let go of the past and embrace a new path or project.

Ganesh is said to reside within the muladhara – the root chakra- as he brings a sense of stability and support. This feeling of grounding and stability helps remove stress and anxiety.

Working with Ganesh on a regular basis can help you feel supported and connected, not only to others, but also to the universe. By letting go of fear, insecurities and attachments, you can pave the way for you or your new project to be on the right path.

Every part of Ganesh’s body has its own value and significance:

  • Elephant Head - broad thinking and wisdom
  • Small Eyes - focused Vision
  • Wide ears - wisdom, ability to listen to people who seek help and to reflect on spiritual truths. 
  • Trunk - careful and alert
  • Big belly – said to contain the universe. It signifies the bounty of nature and equanimity, the ability of Ganesha to swallow the sorrows of the Universe and protect the world
  • Position of his legs (one resting on the ground and one raised) - the importance of living and participating in the material world as well as in the spiritual world, the ability to live in the world without being of the world
  • Broken Tusk - ability to overcome or "break-through"

This class will include the following:

  1. A short introduction
  2. Activations
  3. The Ganesh Namaskara in two stages
    Stage 1 – Letting go of the past
    Stage 2 – bringing joy and a feeling of stability into your heart
  4. Full flow of sequence
  5. Meditation

During Stage 1 we will use the prana mudra to help bring energy into the body as well as using the bija mantra for the muladhara chakra ‘LAM’ to stabilise and balance to root centre.

During Stage 2 we work with the Ganesh mantra: “Om gam ganashaya namaha’. Gam is the sound that represents the energy of Ganesh himself. It is his bija (seed syllable) mantra.


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Members' comments:

7 Mar, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you so much. I needed to hear this and let go just now.
10 Feb, 2023
KayMarples's picture
So well cons tucked. I oved the sweeping movements and the Lam chant. Thank you
22 Jan, 2022
KathyField's picture
Thank you so much Annie for sharing both your wisdom and putting together this empowering sequence/salutation. Now that I have completed DYTT course I am feeling the benefits of a deepening practice and loved the use of Mudra, mantra alongside pranayama and asana.....really helping affirm my confidence. Namaste
5 Dec, 2021
JosephineP's picture
Thank you so much It’s great to include sound and mantra and Ganesh Really enjoyed this class
5 Nov, 2020
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
Hi Annie, I'm really enjoying this practice and finding it transformative. Thank you xx
6 Oct, 2020
Karin's picture
Thank you Annie it is such a good sequence People need it right now ... Love Vera
15 Apr, 2020
raphkevdweide's picture
Dear Annie, thanks for sharing all your wisdom. The Ganesha sequence really helped me getting grounded and back in my center. Great sequence in these challenging times. So happy to be connected via online studio :-) !!! Thanks Raphaelle
29 Jan, 2020
DruYaM's picture
Just what I needed. Thank you Annie for sharing this beautiful sequence, your enthousiasm and wisdom with us. Namaste
25 Jan, 2020
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
A bit advanced for me at this early stage of my Dru Yoga journey, but absolutely fascinating! I loved learning about Ganesh and the associated symbology. It really struck a chord with me today, and helped me to realise that my base chakra needs more attention. Thank you, Annie!
31 Dec, 2019
Janemorris101's picture
Thank you Annie, that was perfect for the New Year. A very powerful class and one I will be repeating. Jx
25 Sep, 2019
Sallyroseyoga's picture
I was looking for something in the online studio but didn't know what... this was it! Great to see how we can weave the philosophy into sequencing, would love more of this. Thank you Annie and the film crew x
18 Sep, 2019
Dorothyfromyork's picture
Thank you Annie - how lovely to get to do this with you! Much love x
15 Sep, 2019
Jo's picture
Dear Annie, thank you ,sending love xx
10 Sep, 2019
JuliaS's picture
Beautiful Series. Really enjoyed. x
6 May, 2019
Janemorris101's picture
Wow Annie, that’s was just sublime.! Feeling grounded but lighter and a real sense of strength and ready for what ever life throws at me :-) Thank you x
12 Mar, 2019
amazing yogini's picture
amazing yogini
thank You Annie for this wonderful sequence. I have been travelling for three weeks and my hips really felt tight and sore from sitting for hours on the plane and train. I logged onto online studio looking to release my hips and lo and behold the Ganesh Nameskar came up. Feeling so much grounded and better and looser. Thank you again for your beautiful work you do.
4 Mar, 2019
raphkevdweide's picture
Thanks Annie for this great gift! With love raphke
18 Feb, 2019
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Beautiful. Finished with Gayatra mantra & some loving ohms ahhhhhh
16 Feb, 2019
geordieange's picture
Beautiful - thank you x
16 Feb, 2019
Elisabeth M's picture
Elisabeth M
Thank you Annie. It’s extraordinary what can be taught and shared from an online class. I continued sitting long after the recording finished, in a space of still foreverness! Your compassion, gentle, simple and inciteful words, and your Love journeyed me to a beautiful connection with the energy of Ganesh. Thankyou.
11 Feb, 2019
Wilma Yule's picture
Wilma Yule
Hello beautiful Annie so beautiful and easy to follow as this was so eloquent, I did not realise until today that I have been waiting for this from yourself, such a great sequence working with Lord Ganesh in the movements and flowing with the bija mantras, just perfect for my heart today. You Da Best...Love and Gratitude.
11 Feb, 2019
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Annie for a wonderful sequence and meditation. Thanks for your beautiful inspiring words from the heart. Namaste.xx
11 Feb, 2019
Camilla Nova's picture
Camilla Nova
the Divine energy of Ganesh has once again inspired you Annie - we are so blessed to receive this wisdom - :-)
5 Feb, 2019
joyousjulie's picture
Thank you Annie lovely sequence and inspirational teaching as always x
4 Feb, 2019's picture
I needed this class, this message and this energy today. Thank you, Annie.
4 Feb, 2019's picture
Thank you Annie for this Ganesha sequence and earth meditation. It has made a wonderful start to my week. Namaste
3 Feb, 2019
annie jones's picture
annie jones
I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying the class. I wanted you to experience how yoga can be a prayer in motion, awakening consciousness as you move. Ganesh is also a great bringer of joy, acceptance and stability. May this sequence clear your way ahead as we move into a powerful year ahead of us. Annie x
3 Feb, 2019
annie jones's picture
annie jones
I am delighted to see that you enjoyed the sequence - Ganesha is really good for grounding and centering oneself
3 Feb, 2019's picture
Marcel Marvellous i will are it in my meditation class as preperation for New start
3 Feb, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
A deeply beautiful class - so wonderful to connect with Ganesha. The meditation at the end was perfect. The whole class has helped me to see something very clearly. Thank you so much.
3 Feb, 2019
Jennikirkwood's picture
Annie that was lovely - thank you. A great way to start a beautiful Sunday. Jennix
3 Feb, 2019
m.smith108's picture
A wonderful class, thank you Annie. To acknowledge and embrace the powerful energy of Sri Ganesha through physical movement and sound was sacred and healing.
2 Feb, 2019
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Beautiful just beautiful, thank you Annie xx
2 Feb, 2019's picture
So beautiful to work with Ganesh in this creative way. Thank you Annie. Loved it.
2 Feb, 2019
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
Thanks Annie. A lovely sequence. Great to see you again.
2 Feb, 2019
SylviaC's picture
Fantastic! I loved this class,the flow and the postures, the mantras and especially the prithvi dharanam which was beautifully guided. Thanks heaps Annie!
2 Feb, 2019
Jaynelewis's picture
Please don,t say left when it is right, mirror not ,that is so wrong and so confusing
2 Feb, 2019
juliehooper28's picture
So so beautiful Annie. Thank you. You don't know how much I needed this today!!! Hari Om Tat Sat. Xx


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