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Goal Setting Series: Class 1

30 mins

Everyone at DRU has a speciality and this is Louise Rowans: how to set your dreams and goals and make them happen!

You can't achieve a goal without a plan - and Louise has a plan!

Learn this simple yet powerful movement and affirmation sequence to help you bring your goals and dreams into reality.


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Members' comments:

9 Nov, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Louise thanks 30 minutes easy time for me to manage just now , nice to have affirmation, movement and visualisation together. Some of the light times are darkned by another's very low mood I wished I had a magic wand. It would be great if I could manifest for another but I don't think I can, it's encouraging to hear you say its all worked out for you. This is a good sequence to start on the journey of more lighter days
8 Nov, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you again Louise. I feel my dream will be achieved! The plans are in place. x
8 Oct, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
A wonderful sequence. Thank you Louise. x
5 Jun, 2021
61Cassie's picture
This was great, I really enjoyed and will be doing this often. Bethx
7 Apr, 2021
Nicky Zolezzi's picture
Nicky Zolezzi
I will certainly be doing this one regularly. Thank you Louise.
12 Jan, 2021
janyhay's picture
Thank you Enjoyed this sequence very much
1 Jan, 2021
Katiemaybe's picture
Beautiful. Great one to do on this New Years Day
2 Sep, 2020
paulien170809's picture
Thank you so much!
23 Jul, 2020
DahnaM's picture
Love this SO much! Just what I needed this morning as I have decided to leave my current job and explore what next!
12 Jun, 2020
Evanst's picture
Great class thank you lovely sequence
7 Feb, 2019
bethannash's picture
Always love your classes Louise! A beautiful sequence just what I needed this morning x
2 Jan, 2019
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
Lovely sequence Louise, perfect for my first class of the new year!
29 May, 2017
shona-sutherland's picture
Love this! What a great balance of power, fluidity, stability and relaxation. Thank you.
28 Feb, 2017
Kayostell's picture
Lovely, hat is the sequence called?
2 Mar, 2015
rbn.collins@gmail.com's picture
First time for this and I really enjoyed the softness & looking forward to it's power. Thankyou
28 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Lovely activations and sequence Louise which I use often. Thank you xx
2 Jan, 2015
Jerica's picture
Nice pace in the sequence, feels great!
29 Aug, 2014
sesameseed@hotmail.co.uk's picture
great sequence
21 Apr, 2013
soul.works@bigpond.com's picture
A wonderful stretch, thankyou
17 May, 2011
marianfoat's picture
Thank you for re-loading this beautiful sequence.
13 May, 2011
lucy's picture
Great class, thank you
11 May, 2011
sue's picture
Thank you good to do whole sequence.


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