Louise Rowan

Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

International speaker, lecturer and retreat leader, Louise Rowan's engaging presentations and seminars leave you in no doubt about who is the one in charge:...

Goal Setting Series: Class 2

30 mins

This is the perfect session to give wings to your dreams. Discover how the combination of movement and intention can help manifest exactly what you want in your life.

After a short activation sequence, Louise introduces Energy Block Release 3 in a way that enhances self esteem and self confidence. She guides you as to how to let go of depression, anger and fear. Complete with the relaxation, you will end up feeling deeply empowered, centred and excited about your future!


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Members' comments:


24 Jan, 2016
ChrissP's picture
Lovely class! I am feeling quite empowered to achieve my goals. Thank you.
25 Aug, 2015
willowtibet's picture
Loved your video Louise. I am feeling both deeply relaxed and empowered towards my goals, thank you very much.
25 Aug, 2015
willowtibet's picture
Thank you so much Louise! This is just what I've been searching for, and it feels so good to recognise my power within. I will be doing this every day to help me reach my goals.
13 Aug, 2015
rbn.collins@gmail.com's picture
Thank you Louise. Your words flow gently releasing a feeling of soft empowerment. Lovely sequence I need to use in my class and your class was perfect. x
29 Mar, 2015
Veronicaisme's picture
That was wonderful Louise. How long should we do each class for before moving on to the next step? I am in my power and energized to make my goals work for me. Thank you Veronica
18 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Hi Louise. EBR 3 is a beautifully empowering and focusing sequence. One of my favourites. And a lovely relaxation Thank you.xx
11 May, 2011
susannenielsen's picture
Dear Louise, you look like an egyptian princes shoting your arrow! Thankyou for this royal ebr3. It is inspiring and deepening for me as a person and as a druyoga teacher.

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