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Ignite your inner light - class 2

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Ignite your inner light - class 2

63 mins

Class two of this series is again dedicated to The Sun Sequence, (Surya Namaskara).

Through this sequence, we attune to everything that the radiance of the Sun can bring us; warmth, heartfelt joy, gratitude and increased energy levels, and these combine to contribute to the wealth of your wellbeing, by connecting your body, your mind and your higher self through movement, posture and breathwork.

At the start, Sue’s warm-up includes spinal twists and stretches in preparation for the sequence of movements which flow gracefully from floor to standing and is expertly led by Christiane.  She, first of all, explains the basic postures and movements contained within the sequence and then leads us through each posture reminding us of the significance, and mindfulness of light and radiance as we work.

The sequence is repeated a second time with the additional focus on the breath.

In conclusion, the relaxation and pranayama helps us to embed the whole practice, which has its roots in the ancient science of yoga.

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Members' comments:

29 Jul, 2023
NickyH's picture
Wonderful - thank you so much Christiane for this class - middle of winter here in Australia and really needed to feel the warmth of Surya x
5 Sep, 2022
Cécile1965's picture
Beautiful, Christiane, thank you, Cécile


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