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Introducing Shiva - Anouschka Dack

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Introducing Shiva

6 mins
Today we discuss Shiva - the "Lord of Yoga". Yoga comes from the root word 'yog' meaning to unite. As the guardian of this process, Shiva can really help us connect deeply to our inner self.

Shiva's energy also helps us to let go of anything that we no longer need in our lives; to dissolve, dissipate or release. Shiva helps us to tune into the rhythm of nature and the cycles of the seasons.

Use his mantra "om namah shivaya" regularly to attune to these qualities. 
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Members' comments:

25 Oct, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for shirring this Lord of the Dance.
10 Mar, 2021's picture
Lovely ...many thanks. x
4 Mar, 2021
Maggiehickey's picture
Thank you Anouschka...for your very warm and uplifting summary of Shiva.
3 Mar, 2021
Dinta Patel's picture
Dinta Patel
Thank you Anouschka. Namaste
3 Mar, 2021
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Dinta - thanks so much for your comment :-) I find it super helpful sometimes to have a quick summary/ reference of the main qualities for the different archetypes.
31 Jul, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thank you Anouschka for information on Shiva and your beautiful chant.
31 Jul, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Margaret Great to hear from you on this special day - 21st anniversary of the WPF. May Lord Shiva open the pathways for your inner light to shine ever more brightly.
18 Mar, 2020's picture
Wonderful insights to Shiva. Thanks Anouschka & love love loved the chant!
18 Mar, 2020
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
A great video Anouschka, thank you. Was lovely to hear your voice and see the sea and the waves behind you.


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