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Jai Radha Madhav

4 mins

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful melody sung by singer/song writer Nils Christian.

Jai Radha Madhav is one of the first mantras / sanskrit lyrics that I have ever learned, years ago. Singing it brings me into a loving and deep meditative space. 

At first glance, Jai Radha Madhav is a love song. It describes the divine couple Radha and Madhav (another name for Krishna) being together in a sacred space. One can see Radha and Madhav as 'just' a couple, but in many traditions they symbolize the soul (Radha) and the divine (Madhav) coming together in unity.

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Members' comments:

21 Apr, 2023
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
Absolutely beautiful, thank you Nils :-)
15 Apr, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Beautiful. I feel so settled and calm. Thank you.


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