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Lateral extension

 -   & 
Roos Kocken
14 mins

We use lateral extension body preps for postures such as the triangle poses, warrior poses, Bhima, beam, head to knee pose and the Maltese Cross.

By stretching specific muscles before attempting your chosen pose, you will be gently preparing the body which ultimately will give you better posture alignment as well enabling you to stretch deeper within the pose.


This class includes:

  • Pectorals stretch (using a sash)
  • Quadratus Lumborum (QL)
  • Adductor stretch (squat or from standing lunge)
  • Adductor strengthening
  • The Spiral - opening the arm across the body for pectoral stretch & shoulder mobilisation through the shoulder circling



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Members' comments:

15 Apr, 2020
Carol Swindell's picture
Carol Swindell
Enjoyed this very good session on body preps.


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