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Letting Go

 -   & 
Radha Patel
50 mins

Stress can effect our gut - the small and large intestine. Join Annie and Radha and learn how you can help yourself to let go of any unnecessary worries.  

The gut (small and large intestine) is 16 metres of tubing! A lot goes through it! The intestines help us absorb our food and let go of the un-essentials. It can be a very uncomfortable experience if the tubes are lined with build-up or simply not working well.

This class is all about getting movement going - the activation is fun, the Energy Block Release 2 focuses on the abdominal movements and the Sitting Twist massages and relaxes the abdominals.

The result is more energy, and a greater ability to absorb and assimilate not just the food we eat, but ideas and plans.

Relax with us and let go in the mountains of North Wales in this beautiful guided relaxation to finish the session.


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Members' comments:

29 Jul, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Annie and Radha. The mountains and waterfall made it very special. I would love to be there. My gut has enjoyed a massage and a stretch. Great start to my day.
24 Jul, 2022
urvashi's picture
Thank you Annie and Radha. It was lovely.
3 Aug, 2021
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
I have followed this class a number of times. It's a great workout and I always feel more energised, calmer and more determined afterwards. I love the grand finale of the sitting spinal twist before the final relaxation. Thanks Annie and Radha!
24 Jul, 2020
rhondawallace's picture
Thank you Annie & Rahda. This class has helped me rebalance my emotions today. Beautiful setting. I too am soaking in the wonders of nature surrounded by the Perthshire hills. Namaste
27 Jun, 2020
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
Great class Very actual nowadays I'm inspired to combine it with vivid visualisations of nature, Windmill breath and offer it also online to my students. Many Thanks Again
8 Apr, 2020
Sandy's picture
Thank you for that session Annie. A full workout focusing on the gut area too with a lovely relaxation in the Welsh hills - what more can you want? Great feeling.
30 May, 2018
natasha@balancingreflexions.co.uk's picture
One of my favourite classes, I love to revisit it from time to time. Great focus on the digestive system. So much info in the media about gut health at the moment, this class compliments that perfectly.
2 May, 2018
cat's picture
7 day energy challenge - I'm a day behind doing day 2 on day 3! But it was so lovely Thank you Annie
15 Aug, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thanks everyone for your comments - I remember filming this class out on the mountain side - its as beautiful now as it was then. Ahhhhhh - a breath of clam beautiful welsh air from our Valley! Thanks again Radha and Annie for this great class. :-)
8 Aug, 2017
Neesey55's picture
That was a lovely session. I did not realize how much tension I held in that region. Shall be DEfinately one of my faves. Thank you both. The scenery is beautiful x
3 Jul, 2017
Nicky's picture
Thank you Annie and Radha lovely lesson and loved the view of the mountain behind you. Xxx
25 Jun, 2017
cathyjeffersonsing@hotmail.com's picture
Thank you Annie and Radha for a wonderful class. EBR2 was taught beautifully in the mountains and the specific focus on the gut was fascinating and very beneficial. I always learn new ways to teach from the Dru online studio... thanks again. Peace Cathy
21 Feb, 2017
angelagasparetto@icloud.com's picture
I love this class. I keep coming back to it. It is one of my favourites. Thank you, Annie and Radha.
27 Dec, 2016
JuliaS's picture
Lovely routine.Thankyou
10 Nov, 2015
OlgaD's picture
Just beautiful. Thank you :)
15 Oct, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Great class Annie.I feel thoroughly squeezed and stretched, yet relaxed and chilled ready for my day....oh and hungry! X
9 May, 2015
Balance_69's picture
This was so therapeutic for releasing those emotions that have built up that had led to losing self through negativity and letting go. The activation and movements were powerful tools for me to feel that change and release within me. Also to be aware too of myself.So relaxing too. Thank you Dru
28 Feb, 2015
juliescarff's picture
Lovely routine. really enjoyed it. Feel very relaxed and well-stretched. Thank you
27 Jan, 2015
LinzMac's picture
A lovely, most enjoyable class....tried to imagine the view of the mountains etc and forget I was in the front lounge on a cold wet winter night! :)
9 Dec, 2014
Raisinloaf's picture
Lovely session,found myself really getting lost.Definitely lowered my stress levels. I didn't mind the nature references, I've been to the centre so it was lovely to imagine being there. The relaxation was good but I would have liked a little longer :-).
18 Sep, 2014
Padmagita's picture
Lovely lovely sequences. I unfortunately felt rather irritated by the constant reference to the beautiful mountains and the yoga centre as I was on the scratchy carpet of my spare room with no good views and it seemed like advertising.


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