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Liver de-tox

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Liver detox

2 mins

In this short session you’ll learn a fantastic movement to help you to support your liver, kidneys and pancreas.

It’s a simple, dynamic movement which brings newly oxygenated blood to the internal organs through a gentle compression and release. It therefore also nourishes and supports the detox functions too. Did you know that the liver detoxes 10x faster if you move that if you don't!!! 

Practice this regularly not only for the physical benefits, but also on an energetic level. The liver is said to be all about holding on to our anger and irritations (with our selves and others) and the kidneys are said to hold some of our main fear responses. Focusing therefore at pranamaya and manomaya koshic levels when practising will greatly enhance the many benefits this simple movement can have.

This sequence can be done any time of day and its perfect as an activation before your yoga practice. You can also use it several times a day if you’re needing to specifically support or cleanse these organs.

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Members' comments:

29 Apr, 2022
Anna-Marie's picture
Very short, but very effective. Thank you


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