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Lung Health with Christiane

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Lung health

90 mins

Filmed live at our Dru Centre in Snowdonia, this one and half hour class Christiane guides us through a great combination of warm ups, body preps, stretches, relaxations, and several breathing techniques, designed to awaken your whole system and focus on your respiratory health. 

Activations include spinal twists, asymmetric stretches and the clapping warrior before moving into EBR 3. 

In this Energy Block Release sequence called Awakening the Heart, we bring in light to the chest area and the Anahata Chakra, the centre of our expression of inner joy, radiance and repose. Focus the awareness on your breath throughout the Windmill, Heaven and Earth Stretch, the Archer, and the Thunderbolt.

Next we move into the body preps for the Charity posture, which is a really important pose for expanding the lungs and chest as well as giving you a great stretch to the hamstrings. 

The final half hour is devoted to a gentle, supported inversion called Viparita Karani, and to complete we relax the body in Savasana.

Christiane ends this beautifully contained session with the pigeon breath. An important technique to gently improve our lung capacity and encourage deep and full breath. You can practice this regularly as part of your yoga practice or before moving into stronger pranayama.  

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Members' comments:

18 Feb, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thankyou - a wonderful class. I feel radiant. The sun is shining here, before the storm arrives later. This was just perfect for me today. xx
15 Feb, 2021
AileenEmery's picture
Thank you Christiane, what a lovely class. I did this just as I was getting over a RSV and a chest infection and I really felt it's healing power. My lungs feel restored to full health and my energy is returning.
20 Oct, 2020
Trudyellen's picture
Thank you Christina, i love your classes. this one was especially beautiful.
13 May, 2020
Julia Law's picture
Julia Law
A beautiful class Christiana I very much enjoyed it. My daughter is a nurse and has just tested positive for COVID19 so it had an extra special meaning especially as l am watching the recorded version so wasn't expecting the 8pm clap. I think this will be the first lesson l teach when l eventually go back to teaching my classes but for now l have shared it. Thank you so much please keep shinning your amazing light. Om Shanti Julia xx
16 Apr, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Wow. Great class for these times. Loved the longer class. Thank u. Love & Light Julia S
13 Apr, 2020's picture
Such a wonderful & nurturing class. Thank you so very much.


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