Manifesting Your Dreams - Kate Carter
Kate Carter

Kate Carter

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer and Peadiatric Nurse

A peadiatric nurse and Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer, Kate has a wide range of experience in many fields. Safety, grace, poise combine together into fantastic...

Manifesting your Dreams

31 mins

Ever wondered how to empower those dreams and goals? Try EBR 3! In this class with Kate Carter take 30 minutes to really get behind your goals and make them happen!


In this sequence let go of any fears or insecurities that may be holding you back. Then think of just a few of the qualities you need to move forward in your life and achieve your goals - and then, quite simply, draw them into you. For example courage and confidence, motivation and strength or even love and compassion. Use the Anahata Breath to consciously give those qualities to others with your out breath and then invite them in to you as you inhale. Use the Ocean Waves movement to the expand those qualities within you.


The Archer is a powerful way for you to visualise yourself achieving your dreams and goals. Why not try breaking down your goal into a series of steps, and, with each movement of the archer, see your self being successful at every stage. The Thunderbolt can then help you to put power and energy behind your goal so you feel it being energised, sealing it all in with a shower of light to complete this sequence.


To finish this class enjoy Makrasana, the crocodile pose, to help you to settle the body, aligning the energy centres as you touch a deep sense of inner stillness inside. 


Take a few moments to really trust that all you need will come to you and that the abundant earth will support and provide you with everything you need.








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Members' comments:


31 Aug, 2017
Charlotte Sluter's picture
Charlotte Sluter
Thank you Kate. Lovely class. EBR3 is so calming. C x
6 May, 2017
Liz 123's picture
Liz 123
ohhhh just loved this ,thank you
27 Apr, 2017's picture
That's just lovely Kate! Thank you...a great reminder of this sequence and the qualities and intentions of the movements. Wonderful! xx
24 Apr, 2017
Medcreek17's picture
thank you Kate is an amazing class and so inspirational
19 Apr, 2017
cat's picture
Truly BEAUTIFUL Kate - loved it - will be a favourite.
16 Apr, 2017
KC's picture
Thank you. Just what I needed today. A lovely activation, love the butterfly movement. A beautiful sequence and visualisation of light.
9 Apr, 2017
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Absolutely beautiful, thank you so much.
7 Apr, 2017
DruYaM's picture
Beautiful, Kate. Thank you, Sabine
3 Apr, 2017's picture
Thanks Kate.... No coincidences in system... Just doing ebr 3 with my students. A Good rehearsal.

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